The Whistler Radio Show

The Whistler (1)

My parents were both in the military, although my mother retired or left when she had me many many many decades ago. Yeh I know that’s a lot of manys.

We moved around a lot during my childhood, due to my father being stationed all over the place, he subsequently worked for NATO for many years, which is how our family ended up in Germany.

There is a public domain point to this story I swear, just bear with me.

When we moved to Germany, which was the second time in my then short lifetime, I was barely 9 years old. I didn’t speak any German, however I was fluent within about three months. As most military personnel, overseas contractors and their families will know, in a country with a foreign language you tend to focus a lot on any native language options or opportunities you can get. In this case the light at the end of the tunnel for us was AFN (American Forces Network) and the BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service). AFN introduced me to the joys of daily soaps like General Hospital, back when Luke met Laura (give me break I was nine) and the audio pleasures of the radio.

I have been an avid reader since I was really young, and was often caught reading books under my bed covers with the aid of my trusty torch, in the middle of the night. The other thing that captivated my attention late at night when I should have been asleep, was the radio programmes AFN broadcast in the evening.

One of the programmes I was fascinated by was The Whistler, which is an American murder mystery drama. Each episode begins with the haunting sound of footsteps and the sound of someone whistling. You can imagine how creepy this sounds, especially if you’re only nine years old.

I am the Whistler, and I know many things, for I walk by night. I know many strange tales, many secrets hidden in the hearts of men and women who have stepped into the shadows. I know the nameless terrors of which they dare not speak.

Listening to the radio is a wee bit of a lost pleasure. Nowadays you are bombarded with adverts, weather, news and general information, and that’s without the annoying radio hosts vying for your attention.There was a time when radio was what television is now.

Nearly 700 episodes were made, over 200 of the 692 episodes no longer exist, which is a great shame. Here is an episode for you to sample, courtesy of the Internet Archive, who boast an amazing collection of The Whistler:

Retribution (30:23 mins)

Below are just a few episodes for you to listen to. Enjoy!

The Whistler 1942 Retribution, Shrunken Head, Notes in the Night, Death has a Thirst, The Letter, House of Greed, Mirage, Fog, Jealousy, Urge to Kill, Malice, Death comes at Midnight, The Alibi, Apparition, The Other Woman, Avarice, The Accounting, Double Cross.

The Whistler 1946 The Thin Line, Hit and Run, Treasure Hunt, The Strange Sisters, Panic, Six Letter Word for Murder, Murder in Haste, Decision, Boomerang, Trigger-man, Confession, Custom Built Blonde, My Love Comes Home, Bullet Proof, Stolen Murder, Delivery Guaranteed, Broken Chain, Stranger in the House, Witness at the Fountain, Brief Pause for Murder.

The Whistler 1950 Evening Stroll, Escape to Riondo, Return to Skull Island, The Go Between, Burden of Guilt, Dead Reckoning, Five Cent Toll, Appointment for Murder, Chinese Elephant Puzzle, Strange Meeting, Jessica, Manhunt, Quiet Sunday, Devoted Couple, Attorney for the Defence, With My Own Eyes, Undercurrent, Whirlwind, The Golden Penny, Deadly Rumour,

The Whistler 1951/1952 Hit and Run, The Little Things, Treasure Hunt, Trade Mark, Murder Over Burma, Spell in Green, Man in the Storm, High Death, Two and One makes Murder, A Matter of Courtesy, Thunder Mountain, Bad Penny, Borrowed Byline, Shakedown, Little Red Book, Rose for Pamela, Matter of Time, Whirlpool, Breakaway, Homecoming.

Here are a few other highlights from the GenXposé blog:

Read and download The Andrew Lang Collection, Winter Beauty, The Lost Stradivarius, The Happy Old Times Radio Holidays, The Big Parade of Thanksgiving Fun, Money Money Money, I Thank youPollyannaSons and Lovers, Dream PsychologyThe Ghoul Dagon Full of SpidersThe Monkey’s PawA touch of Gen, Kitty Chases KillersThe Alexandre Dumas Collection, Sweeney Todd – Urban Legend Gone MainstreamLorna DooneSmokin RocketsAnother Few Thousand WordsAnything for a LaughThe Sorrows of SatanThe DualitistsKama SutraI Werks Long HoursSpring Has BegunNon Stop New YorkThe HandsService with a SmileIn the Year 2889ThemSouth Sea TalesHorror and Spice, and all things nicePrelinger Part 2: Healthy Habits, Prelinger Archives Pt.1 Teen Feelings, Wuthering Heights.

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