Winter Beauty

pinefrondslowconThis week I dove back into the Internet Archive to look for some pretty winter images. Having recently picked up my 35mm camera after a long hiatus, I wanted to find some inspiration.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Archive has millions of photographs available for FREE. You can look at collections from various museums, peruse album covers, or just go by keyword. Here are a few that popped up in my search for “snow”:
Also, you should check out this mini-collection of snow and ice sculptures from Ourmedia.
Here’s one from my search specifically for “snowflake”:
There’s also the video archive, but it’s not just theatrical releases and old TV commercials. There’s plenty of home movies, stock footage, and lovely background fodder like this 30-minute video of a fireplace. If you want a specific “Christmas” fireplace, there’s a 1-hour long video in full HD right here. Or you could watch some snow falling.
Finally, here’s my favorite image that came up when I searched “winter”:

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