Game of Thrones Season 7, Dragonstone and Stormborn

dragonstoneWe are two episodes into Season 7 and so much has happened already that I quite honestly don’t know where to start.

Episode one opens with Frey, you know the dead one. The one Arya Stark killed in her very own faceless man kick-ass assassin way. So, colour me confused for the first minute or so until it dawned on me that it must be Arya with Walder Frey’s face on. Then I was excited when I realised she was planning to take down the entire room full of male Frey relatives and supporters. Why? Well because they helped murder her mother, brother and her pregnant sister-in-law. The ugly feckers deserved to die a painful death for the Red Wedding massacre. What an excellent way to start off the new season, with death and gore in abundance.

Nymeria makes a short appearance, although I think the direwolf leaves us with more questions unanswered. Arya seems to say goodbye to the direwolf who has found a pack of normal wolves to lead. Hopefully there will be a reappearance, perhaps in a situation where Arya is in need of protection. It was a wee bit disappointing, but I am hopeful there is more to come.

In Winterfell the new King of the North aka Jon Snow is holding court and trying to convince his bannermen that they all need to prepare for the onslaught of the White Walkers. They need to find a way to defend themselves.

During the various court sessions Sansa disagrees publicly with Jon, which of course weakens his position. Needless to say this makes Littlefinger wet his panties. This leads to Jon making a determined stamp on his position thereby making Sansa aware that they need to stick together, but he is the one in charge. I wonder how long it will take for Sansa to make a move on her own?

Littlefinger also makes the mistake of underestimating Jon when he approaches the King of the North and makes him aware of his interest in his sister. Jon gets a wee bit angry at the puppetmaster. Littlefinger’s manipulation of those around him is starting to wear thin and his delusions of grandeur are apparent to everyone.

I think he is making a mistake in thinking that Sansa is still an innocent young girl. She is anything but that. Her innocence was torn from her, quite literally, by the brutal bastard Ramsay. Could we possibly see a reverse manipulation in the future, with Sansa leading the way?

In episode one there is a scene with Cersei and Jaime stood on a map in the castle. Eagle-eyed viewers think where they were stood, Cersei on the neck and Jaime towards the fingers, was a clue to Cersei’s demise. In the prophecy by Maggie the maegi, the deaths of her children were foreseen and in the books she says Cersei will die at the hands of the ‘valonqar.’

“And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.“

Valonqar is High Valerian for little brother, which technically could be either Tyrion or Jaime. At the moment Cersei isn’t quite the Mad Queen yet, perhaps a wee bit on the mentally challenged and ruthlessly vindicative side, but not mad…yet. She is still quite capable of scheming and blaming Tyrion for all and sunder though. Cersei is aware of the prophecy, so she might just get out in front of it by killing her brothers first.

Euron turns up at Kings Landing with the attitude of a player. Oh my we do love ourselves don’t we? He is so into himself that it is hilarious, however I wouldn’t underestimate him. He is a cold-blooded killer, and he enjoys it.

Cersei also calls her bannermen to foot and asks Randyll Tarly to betray his oath to Olenna Tyrell or rather to put his allegiance to the queen first. Tarly reminds Jaime that they are not oathbreakers. Olenna and her army have joined forces with Dany, which means House Tyrell have become an important asset in the Game of Thrones.

Back in the Citadel Sam Tarly is experiencing the downside to starting on the bottom rung of a very long ladder. He is aware of time constraints in regards to the White Walkers and is eager to find a way to help Jon. So in true Sam fashion he steals a load of books to do research on the sly, with a little help from Gilly. I have to say I am with Sam all the way on this, you can’t just dump a bookworm in a massive library full of old books and expect them not to touch, read or steal a few. Borrow, I totally meant borrow.

Sam stumbles upon two things quite quickly. An apparent cure for Greyscale, which is advantageous seeing as Ser Jorah is locked up in the Citadel dying of said infectious disease. There is one particular scene when Sam is ripping off the scales that made me want to gag.

The other thing he discovers is that the base of Dragonstone, the original seat of House Targaryens in Westeros, is made of dragon-glass, which Jon needs to make weapons. No worries, a raven is already on the way to Winterfell.

Apparently Greyworm and Missandei broke the internet a little bit last night with their farewell sexual encounter. Unlike most sex scenes in GOT, the scenes between the two of them were really sweet and non-violent. In the last six seasons there have been rapes galore and plenty of brothel visits.

Dany, Tyrion and Varys have landed in Dragonstone, which brings back a lot of memories for Dany. Her ruthless side comes out when she challenges Varys and his ever-changing loyalty. Of course Varys could talk himself out of a puzzle-box.

The Red Witch Melisandre also turns up at Dragonstone to bring the Lord of Light to the queen. She tells Dany that she must meet the other game-changer to defeat the Walkers, so Dany requests the presence of the King of the North. Oh and she wants him to bend the knee. Well we all know that ain’t gonna happen. She has yet to meet the stubborn Northerners. I think she might be in for a rude awakening.

The dragon queen decides to send her allies, the Greyjoys and Ellaria to Kings Landing, whilst Dany and the dragons head towards Casterly Rock to take down the seat of the Lannisters. Which leads us nicely to the absolutely epic battle scene at the end of episode two.

Where the heck did Euron Greyjoy spring from? How do you sneak a shit-load of ships quietly up on another load of ships without one single person noticing and raising the alarm. Just Sayin.’

The scenes are at a vicious Viking pirate warrior level. Gory, bloodthirsty and sadistic. True to GOT form. Euron shows himself to be a force to be reckoned with. He brutally kills Obera and Nymeria, but keeps Ellaria and Tyene alive. I assume he will be presenting the two of them to Cersei as a gift. They did murder Myrcella, so expect an extremely nasty death for the two of them.

Euron and Yara have a fantastic hand to hand fight, but ultimately Yara is captured. When Theon is given the choice to be a man, a Greyjoy, a true Iron Born, and to fight for his sister, he..

Well he decides to jump over the side of the ship like the true chicken liver Ramsay turned him into and leave Yara in the hands of his murderous uncle. In his defence I am going to throw in another theory or rather a hopeful scenario. Perhaps he jumped overboard in the hopes of coming back and winning back the Iron Islands. Knowing that there was no possible way he could win against Euron. I live in hope. The question is what will Euron do with Yara?

If this battle is any indication of how cut-throat and brutal this season is going to be then we are in for a pretty hardcore ride. Bring on Winter!

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