Another Few Thousand Words


“Pearl Necklace”, early 20th century photograph

We cover Public Domain films and books here with a high degree of regularity. But did you know that The Internet Archive also has nearly 1.5 million static images in their collection?

The New York Metropolitan Museum alone has shared over 140,000 images, free to use, of collections and research objects. I’m a fan of textiles, you might prefer metal work , and plenty of people look for nudes.

The Brooklyn Museum has a more modest 2900ish images, including such gems as “The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun” by William Blake, and “Mother and Child Gazing at a Hand Mirror“, by Kitagawa Utamaro.


I’m guessing…bubblegum K-pop?

Check out the Cover Art Archive, a collection of album covers from every era; over 690,000 of them. I recommend setting the filter to “least viewed“. Delicious.

There’s nearly 60,000 maps from The U.S. Geological Survey, with subcategories for each state (I grew up in Massachusetts).

105040There’s over 100 collections, and plenty of images that aren’t grouped in a particular way. All of them searchable by general categories, subjects, artists, keywords, what have you. I found 62 images for bustle. I found 208 for bunny (and 41 for carrot). There were over 1700 results for mother, but under 800 for father; there were over 2000 for baby.

Many of the available images are wonderful, high-resolution captures. Below is such a one of Bosch’s  “Hell” (it’s size below truly does not do it justice, follow the link:

IrfviewColorAuto--HellFromThe_garden_of_earthly_delights_by_bosch_high_resolutionMany more are available, for FREE, so go take a pictorial safari yourselves! Happy hunting!

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