This week I’ve got a little something different for you. I’m going to tell you stories in pictures. In fact, you’ll know each story in its entirety from a single image. (All drawn by me, feel free to re-use with credit.)

Story #1:


Easy enough? OK, here’s #2:


You got that one? Well done! Let’s go a little more obscure for #3:


How did you do there? OK, but what if I take away color for #4:


Still getting it? Alright – simple as possible, black and white, stylized outline only for #5:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words ran through your mind with these pictures? Did you get more words with the more detailed images? Did you realize such simple lines could help you remember an entire tale?

What if I simply suggested an image with a word, or a short phrase?

#6: Glass slipper

Did an entire story just play out in your head? OK, how about the same item, but different numbers:

#7: Seven beds

#8: Three beds

Who knew you has so many stories in your brain?!

See if you can stump me with your own image in the comments.

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