The Life of Christ by Dean Farrar

lifeofchrist1I am a bookaholic. I admit I have uncontrollable cravings for the written word, regardless of whether it be via the digital or paper media. Entering bookshops has become a bit of a risky business sometimes I just can’t help myself, especially in old second-hand bookshops. There is just something about old books that draws me in like a bee to pollen. Sometimes the older the book the better.

Which is how I ended up with The Life of Christ by Dean Farrar or Frederic William Farrar 1831 – 1903 (Dean as in the Dean of Canterbury) was first published in 1874. My copy was published in 1901.

I suppose it must seem like a strange choice, because I am not religious in any way shape or form. It is however a book that is over 116 years old, hence my being drawn to it.

Frederic Farrar was a senior church official in the Church of England. He held positions such as the archdeacon of Westminster Abbey and the Dean of Canterbury. He was actually laid to rest in the closter of Canterbury.

The Life of Christ is also a book of travels and knowledge, a way to transcribe everything he had read and bring it together. Farrar brings Christianity to the pages with a combination of a zealous scholar and imagery to quench the thirst of the curious.

Speaking of the Lord’s teaching Farrar references a poem by Arthur Hugh Clough, Across the sea, along the shore.

Across the sea, along the shore,
In numbers more and ever more,
From lonely hut and busy town,
The valley through, the mountain down,
What was it ye went out to see,
Ye silly folk Galilee?
The reed that in the wind doth shake?
The weed that washes in the lake?
The reeds that waver, the weeds that float?
A young man preaching in a boat.
What was it ye went out to hear
By sea and land from far and near?
A teacher? Rather seek the feet
Of those who sit in Moses’ seat.
Go humbly seek, and bow to them,
Far off in great Jerusalem.
From them that in her courts ye saw,
Her perfect doctors of the law,
What is it came ye here to note?
A young man preaching in a boat.
A prophet! Boys and women weak!
Declare, or cease to rave;
Whence is it he hath learned to speak?
Say, who his doctrine gave?
A prophet? Prophet wherefore he
Of all in Israel tribes?
He teacheth with authority,
And not as do the Scribes.

Unfortunately there isn’t a 12 step programme for people with a book affliction. Then again I wouldn’t want to cure myself of anything book or reading related. So many books, not enough time!

Download The Life of Christ, St Winifred’s and The Bible its Meaning and Supremacy by Frederic ‘Dean’ Farrar at the Internet Archive.

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