Saying goodbye to the old and waving in the new!

freemovie10I’m not one for New Year resolutions. What’s the point? It would only be a bunch of great sounding lies.

I prefer not to lie to myself or for the benefit of others. It isn’t sanctimonious or being a debbie-downer, it’s just a more realistic view of my own propensity to remain in my natural state of comfortable normality.

There will be no lies about training to run a marathon or running 10 miles a day. Everyone knows I never run anywhere any more. My days of athletics and a variety of sports clubs are long gone.

There will for damn sure be no lies about all the healthy food I shall eating. No mantra about my body being a temple. Bla di bla bla. As most people who know me well are aware, sugar is my friend and long may we be best mates. ( I am popping strawberry cream Quality Streets and Dairy Milk snowballs as I write this.)

On a more positive note, I don’t smoke or drink, so I don’t have to worry about those particular vices.

You’ll definitely not see me promising to read less and spend more time doing something other than reading. I mean why would anyone want to read less?

Let’s just see out this year, and it has been quite a shit of a year, and see in 2017 with the hope that it won’t be quite as eventful or restless as 2016. From a global point of view the Brits decided to make a crack in the European Union the size of volcano with a sledgehammer in the guise of a non-legally binding referendum, so Brexit awaits us in the next two years. The non-legally binding referendum has caused a domino effect with quite a few EU countries raising their heads in dissent.

As if that wasn’t enough a second middle finger was given by the US voters, when Donald Trump was voted the President Elect. One can only hope that his lack of diplomacy, his need for incessant revenge tweeting or his ginormous ego won’t lead to either the economic demise of the US, the derailing of the US as a global super power or war.

Meanwhile in the last few years one of the men voted most likely to cause or start WW3 has been rebuilding Russia with the ferocity of a hungry bear and the subtlety of an exhibitionist on a sunny day. Putin is overjoyed at the typical in-fighting of the Europeans and the rise of the far right. The instability caused by the wobbly economic structures and the civil unrest, due to the influx of refugees. Putin likes the chaos and the loopholes he can slide through while everyone is looking in the opposite direction. Not long ago he sailed his fleet literally right by our front door. His onslaught on the countries he is ‘taking back’, and of course Syria, don’t seem to have had any opposition at all. Where have the brass ball cold war tactics of post WW2 gone?

I think one of the worst developments, for me personally, has definitely been the steady rise of political far right parties in the majority of European countries. They have used the influx of refugees to scaremonger and stir the pot. People are being influenced by false news and facts on social media and by major media outlets, which are owned and run by a few rich men with the wrong kind of agenda.

Those are just a few of the events that have made 2016 a less than stellar year. Unfortunately there are so many many more. The tragedy of Aleppo for one.

On a more personal level, it has also been a year of private loss and tragedy. We have had to say goodbye to a friend, a confidant and an incredible human being. GenXmedia salutes you and will never forget! Here at GenXmedia the multitude of people who work incredibly hard to ensure you and I can keep on enjoying the treasures of the public domain, are doing so invisibly behind the scenes. They deserve a massive thank you for all their voluntary work.

Let’s hope the new year brings us a lot more positivity, happiness and peace!

Here are a few public domain pieces for you to enjoy to make sure the year gets off to a good start.

I raise my mini powdered doughnut and dark peppermint cream chocolate to you as I resolutely resolve not to make any resolutions!

Read The Door in the WallThe Time MachineThe Island of Doctor MoreauThe Invisible ManThe War of the WorldsThe Empire of the Ants, Watch Them at your own peril, and The Beast from 20000 Fathoms or All Monsters AttackThe Night of the Living DeadNosferatu a Symphony of HorrorHorror ExpressThe House on Haunted Hill. or Modern Utopia. Alternatively you can listen to The Discovery of the Future, God the Invisible KingThe Door in the Wall or Tales of Space and Time at Librivox.

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