Password Incorrect

PIcropI covered some modern Public Domain publishing on the blog before, reviewing a collection by Cory Doctorow, a proponent of Creative Commons licensing. As you can see from the review, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I’ve also reviewed a modern short film posted into the Public Domain, finding it quirky and enjoyable.

Having previously reviewed newly published works for another blog (now sadly defunct), I got free review copies of books most people had to buy. I’ve gotten hooked on a few series by talented authors and am gladly paying for their latest offerings.

But there are also plenty of books worth the $0.00 price tag.

PIcoverPassword Incorrect by Nick Name (pen name of Piotr Kowalczyksadly falls into that category. Maybe it’s something lost in translation (originally published in Polish, and translated by Anna Etmanska). Maybe I just don’t get surrealist/absurdist fiction (though I do like a good surrealist compliment). Maybe it’s the fact that even when the stories have entertaining moments, they have endings which seem like they should be morals, but are just kind of…not.

Here’s an example: the premise of the one-page story “Fetus Replacement IQ Booster” concerns pairs of women swapping fetuses to increase their childrens’ IQs. It works like gangbusters and loads of people do it –

“Then the demand suddenly decreased, and it wasn’t because of the anti-fetus replacement organizations.

Parents realized there was no one left to take out the trash.”


What do you mean you don’t get it?

I have a six year old niece who loves to make up jokes – but she doesn’t really understand how jokes work yet. Many of these stories resemble her experiments.

Kowalcyzyk covers all kinds of technology on his primary blog, PasswordIncorrect, and offers reviews, technology tips, and entertaining infographics on Ebook Friendly. (I really enjoyed the post on the 50 best literary gifts.) I wish the stories were as straightforward as his blogs.

If you want to have a crack at it, Password Incorrect can be found on Feedbooks for FREE.

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