Game of Thrones Season 6: Mother of Dragons, Queen of Fire

DanyJust when you think Daenerys has gone a wee bit soft and has somehow become as unremarkable as moss growing on the side of a tree, she goes all thug-life again. Damn, that girl has balls bigger than mountains, and they are pure brass. Hear them clang.

I was hoping for a call to dragons, not that Drogon would turn up though, he is way to busy eating sheep and toasting children. Possibly even a hidden stash of soldiers. I wasn’t expecting her to go all Carrie and fire-starter to eliminate the threat, but I have to admit it was great TV. Thus establishing herself as a genuine threat to her enemies and gaining an army of Dothraki in one foul swoop. Mother of Dragons, Queen of Fire.

Her voice in Meereen aka Tyrion is busy working on a diplomatic solution to the trouble in the city. Finding the source of the money thereby bringing the Sons of Harpy to their knees is his plan. To do so he has to find a middle ground, which means allowing slavery for another seven years. I think that decision might bite him in the arse eventually. The taste of freedom isn’t quite as sweet when there is always someone threatening to take it away or only pretending to give it to you.

We make peace with our enemies, not with our friends.

Not exactly the route Cersei has decided to take, but then she never was big on diplomacy. Cersei and Jamie are trying to convince the Small Council to work with them to rid the city of the High Sparrow and the Faith of Seven. They want to join forces with the Tyrells instead of bickering with them.

The warnings fall upon deaf ears until Tommen reveals the High Septon’s plans for Margaery. Her Walk of Atonement is to take place before Cersei stands trial. This information finally sways Granny Tyrell into action. There is no way she wants her granddaughter to be paraded naked through the streets of King’s Landing. It would diminish the Queen in the eyes of the common man. On a more positive note, wily old Olenna Tyrell and Cersei will make fantastic collaborators.

Although Tommen seems to be working with them to regain his mother’s trust, they need to remember just how manipulative the High Sparrow is. His influence over the young King is interesting. The scene where they talk about why there is a need more for atonement shows the subtle level of persuasion. Tommen is a child, and children can be flighty.

On the Iron Islands, Theon has returned to find his father dead and the title of King up for grabs. His sister is her usual hard cruel self. She admonishes him for refusing to escape when she came for him. (There goes my theory about signals between the two of them. Looks like it was just Reek being a wimp after all, and not some master plan to kill Ramsay).

Yara is more angry about the fact he could be there to challenge her for the title and control of the Iron Islands. No worries, meek little Reek bows down to her like a good bitch. Come on Theon, you need to get your groove back,

Now for the theory of the week. Smalljon Umber, love his attitude by the way, has turned up at the Bolton’s with a gift for the new Warden of the North. He makes no bones about how he felt about Roose or about his ever being subservient to others.

Your father was a cunt and that’s why you killed him.

Ramsay is suspicious, because the Umber’s have long been staunch supporters of the Starks. On top of that Smalljon Umber refuses to bend the knee to the Bolton’s.

Fuck kneeling, Fuck oaths. I’ve got a gift for you.

A surprising gift it is. He serves up Rickon Stark and Osha on a golden platter for the fucknut of the north. Plus the head of Shaggydog, Rickon’s direwolf.

One of the theories being tossed around is a possible double-cross by the Umber’s. Bringing Rickon to Ramsay is all some kind of ploy and also part of The Grand Northern Conspiracy. The theory being that the northerners are secretly trying to reinstate the Starks. The Red Wedding was an insult to northern traditions. Frey broke the rule of the guest rights. The North remembers.

According to this theory, loyal supporters are gathering an army to support the heir of the Starks, which seems to be Jon Snow. He’s a bastard you cry. Ahh, but the same theory suggests Eddard may have foreseen certain events and thought of this eventuality, ergo signing papers to make him legitimate.

Interesting theory eh? On top of that the flashbacks of Eddard seem to be leading us towards the true identity of Jon Snow. Bran and the Three-Eyed-Raven travel back into the past to the Tower of Joy. This is where Lyanna Stark dies.

Young Ned, and compliments to casting at this point, because the actor playing Sean Bean’s Eddard as a young adult completely nails it. Including the walk and the accent. Ned squares up to Ser Arthur Dayne, a far better swordsman than himself. A two sword fighter. Unlike the tales told by Eddard, Dayne was stabbed from behind by Howland Reed (Meera’s father), and not by Eddard himself.

I think in that moment Bran starts to comprehend that his father may have changed the narrative of the past to suit his own needs. What else has he lied about? As the Three-Eyed-Raven says ‘The past is already written, the ink is dry,’ as Bran tries to intervene. In the scene we hear a woman scream, presumably Lyanna, who is perhaps giving birth to a son?

Unfortunately if there is a plot of some kind, which involves Osha and Rickon, it doesn’t seem to be working out exactly as they had perhaps planned, because Ramsay trusts no one. Osha becomes the latest victim of the giant Game of Thrones body count.

Arya continues her training, as a faceless god gakusei. Learning to use the senses she has left to conquer her fear and forget the wall of darkness she now lives behind. She grows stronger and becomes a better fighter.

If a girl tells me her name I will give her eyes back.

A girl is no one.

Come. If a girl is truly no one, she has nothing to fear. (Arya drinks from the bowl and her sight returns) Who are you? No one.

You would think Jon Snow would be a wee bit more enthusiastic about not being dead any more. Instead he is a bit like a gothy Eeyore.

Ollie put a knife in my heart. I shouldn’t be here.

He feels like a failure because his brothers in arms decided they needed to kill him to survive. Jon also dissapoints Melisandre with his descriptive tale of the afterlife. ‘Where did you go, what did you see?’ She asks with a hint of desperation.

Nothing, nothing at all.

He certainly is the life of the party our Jon. Never mind, when everything seems dark and depressed there is always a Wildling around to put things into perspective.

They think you’re some kind of God. The man who returned from the dead. I’m not a God.I know that. I saw your pecker. What kind of God would have a pecker that small.

Tormund has a way with words. A man after my own heart. He was a little star in episode 3 and 4. He topped his pecker comment with his strangely compelling table interaction with Brienne. Was it just me or was he saying, come hither tall gorgeous woman. Not sure Brienne is up for all that hairy bear of a man.

Her face was hysterical. Who’s that Wildling side-eyeing me like a piece of fried chicken?

Jon hangs his killers, and yes that includes Ollie. He is still hurt by the betrayal. Not sure what planet he is on. Seriously, you’re on Game of Thrones not Family Feuds. People betray you all the time. Killing is second nature and torture is merely a playtime activity for the majority of the players in this game.

My watch is ended.

He flounces out of his feathery fur coat and tells his fellow watchmen that he is done with the Night’s Watch. So much for him being the saviour or the prince who was promised for that matter. Eeyore has lost his tail.

Jon is brought out of his darkness by the arrival of his sister Sansa. She apologises for treating him so poorly when they were growing up.

Sansa understands that the North needs what is left of the Starks to destroy Ramsay and take back Winterfell. Sansa just needs to convince Jon to fight.

We never should have left Winterfell. Where will we go, where will you go? Only one place to go – home. If we don’t take back the North we will never be safe.

Ramsay makes his move soon after. He, the new Lord of Winterfell, sends Jon a polite letter requesting Sansa back. Oh wait, it’s Ramsay, so not so polite. He threatens to do unspeakable things to their brother Rickon, and have Sansa raped by all of his men. Such a sweetie. Iwan Rheon is way too convincing as a psycho killer, did you see the way he ate that apple?

A monster has taken our home and our brother, we must save them both.

It’s time for Jon to become the Stark he is and start to lead. He needs to gather supporters in the North and take back what rightfully belongs to his family.

In fact it is time for the Starks in general to start fighting back and revenging their family, if only to get rid of the Bolton Bastard.

So things are moving. Forces and armies are gathering. Loyalties are switching, people are regrouping and the game for the Iron Throne is heating up. The Mother of Dragons has her mojo back, Jon Snow is finally part of the game and the Lannisters are planning a coup. The chess pieces are advancing towards each other on the great chess board with revenge in their hearts and victory on their minds. Just one trivial detail they all seem to have placed at the back of their minds.

Do you think they’ve all forgotten that Winter is Coming

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