GenXMedia Wallpaper Collection

I have some visual treats for you today!

Gen has been a busy little bee creating, donating and uploading a load of fantastic wallpaper themes to the Internet Archive. The GenXMedia Wallpaper Collection. Public Domain images, free for you to download and use. This is just a few of them, and there is something for everyone right here.

                                                        Cornwall Wallpaper Pack

                                                       Jupiter and Venus Wallpaper

                                                         Postcards: Part Deux

                                                       Game of Thrones Fanmade Wallpaper

                                                         City Wallpaper

                                                        In Neon Wallpaper

                                                       Postcards: Pack Quattro

                                                       Elephant Wallpaper

                                                       Into The Woods Wallpaper

                                                       Butterflies: A Collection

                                                      Postcards: Complete Collection

More wallpaper right here on the blog for you to download for free: Sophisticated, Ecru, Zen, Vineyard, Opulence, Unfocused, Sorbet, Shabby Chic, Posh, Candy Floss, Out of Focus, Santa, Terra Cotta, Boo, Sweets, Cinema, Pusheen, Chrome Themes: Astondo, Minimal Wall, Valentino, Vincent Price, Rorschach and 42 Game of Thrones Themes. There are many, many more on the blog. Enjoy!

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