Starting the Year with a Rant

Stupid fix

It used to be that I would start the New Year with a feeling of optimism. There was a leftover golden glow from the holidays and the fireworks and dropping of the glittering ball on New Year’s Eve always made everything seem bright and shiny and renewed. My optimistic feeling would sometimes last for a month or more before the winter blizzard doldrums took over.

But not this year.

This year it seems like the Stupid from last year just will not let go. And the Stupid of this year is getting a galloping early start.

Let’s start with the idiot YallQaeda. Well, really this is left over Stupid from 2014 when federal officials got tired of rancher Cliven Bundy  pretending he was more privileged than anyone else and could do whatever he wanted. Bundy did not like the rules for grazing cattle on federal land, in fact he did not like federal anything, so he decided to refuse to pay federal fees and just use public land however he wanted for his own benefit. This went on for 20 years until the US Bureau of Land Management got sick of Bundy and decided to kick Bundy’s cattle off public land. The feds impounded the Bundy cows in March 2014 and before you could say “lickety-split” all kinds of gun-crazy government-hating goons had descended on Bundy’s ranch all gleefully looking for an opportunity to shoot some federal butt. They perched on highway overpasses and aimed their guns at innocent drivers. They set up roadblocks and illegally stopped residents and demanded to see proof of residency. And they boasted about how they were going to have a grand old shootout with anyone who opposed them. You know, the usual thing terrorists do when they take over a country. Cliven even demonstrated his feelings for his fellow humans when he mused longingly that maybe black people would be better off being slaves. Maybe he was planning on expanding his new cattle empire with slave labor.

Cliven and his friends were Stupid. But even Stupider was the federal government. Because the feds backed away. Everyone was worried about trouble, about having another disaster of Stupidity like Ruby Ridge or Waco. They were so worried that they decided it was better to do nothing, let the Bundy cows go, let Bundy keep making money off OUR public lands, and let Bundy’s friends just trample all over the rights of everybody in the area. Stupid. Stupid decision. Because people like Bundy and his buddies, who are absolutely positively totally convinced that they know better then anyone else and, in fact, are better than anyone else, will just keep going if something does not reign them in. Give them a little power or a little victory and they become even more convinced that they are the new Napoleons and increase all their efforts to rule.

A Bundy Stupid

Which is were we come to the new Stupid of the New Year. Because the Bundy boys, chips off the old racist money grubbing block, decided to use the troubles of another ranching family to grab the limelight and look like heroes. Now actually, I have some problems with the sentencing of the Hammonds but there is no denying that they were Stupid, too, and broke the law. They committed arson and burned more than a hundred acres of federal land. Whether they were just burning off “invasive” plants or covering up the illegal poaching of deer, they were Stupid. I know many farmers and have farmers in my family. They burn stuff all the time. But they are smart enough to keep their fires under control. But the Bundy boys and their posse used the excuse of the Hammond troubles to gather up their guns and go invade a closed building on a wildlife preserve in the middle of nowhere. The Bundys want to free public land from the control of the evil federal government and give the land to the rightful owners: the mostly white local ranchers and farmers. Funny how no one mentions returning the land to its original owners, the Paiutes. But the Bundy posse’s, and lets just call a terrorist a terrorist, invasion of the Malheur Lake Refuge is just plain Stupid. That land has only ever belonged to the Paiutes first then the US federal government. It was never ranched or farmed. When the Paiutes were forcibly removed from their land, white ranchers and bird harvesters moved in. The land was overgrazed and began to deteriorate. The Heron population was decimated so their pretty white feathers could be put on fashionable hats. The deterioration of the land that white interests had gotten their hands on was so bad that activists begged then president Teddy Roosevelt to save the remaining Paiute land. He did by forming the Malheur Lake Refuge in 1908. Over the years the Refuge expanded by buying the land that no one else wanted anymore and reclaiming it. No poor white rancher or farmer was ever cheated out of this land. The Paiutes were but, hey, the Bundy terrorists have no interest in them.

So to free US federal, formerly Paiute, land and give it to poor deserving white people, the Bundy terrorists gathered all their guns and stormed an empty building. Because it’s so easy to look heroic when you are posing with your big guns in front of an empty building on a closed preserve. But Stupid struck. Because the terrorists brought their cars. Well, it is a long drive to the middle of nowhere. And they brought their guns. All the better to shoot someone with. But apparently they forgot to bring food. Nothing like looking Stupid by going online and begging for snacks while invading an empty building. Did they plan on having a gun battle with the evil feds but taking a break when the federal postal service delivered their jerky and candy bars? Even Stupider, one idiot who supports the Stupid terrorists would-be terrorizing of the federal government said he wanted to send snacks but needed to wait until the evil feds sent him his benefit money. Obviously can not terrorize the feds until they send you the money to do it. Stupid. Let’s be clear Bundy idiots. Federal land is MY land. I did not ask you to invade my building. I don’t want you there. You don’t get to decide who gets free use of my land. No one voted for you, no one named you ruler of the county. The only reason you are there is to relax in an empty building while talking big and posing with your guns while cameras flash. Get out.

Of course even Stupider would be if officials once again did nothing about these gun-waving terrorists. The only reason the Bundy boy terrorists invaded an empty bird building is because they got away with refusing to pay the money they owed to the federal government in 2014. If officials do nothing once again, I guarantee there will be another Bundy terrorist event next year and the year after and the year after. As long as they can get away with it, they will keep on doing it. I certainly do not want some poor federal workers getting shot because of Bundy Stupidity but Bundy butts need to be thrown in jail. Let’s be real: if the Bundy terror group were black or Muslim or even Paiutes they would already be in jail or dead. Probably dead. But because they are white and wear neat cowboy hats they get a Stupid privilege pass. Oh, they’re just protestors. Oh, they’re just good old boys who need snack food. They’re not real criminal types with dark skin who wear turbans or hoodies. Stupid.

U.S. national Ethan Couch is pictured in this undated handout photograph

Then there is the Affluenza asshole, Ethan Couch. I wrote about him in 2014. Poor little rich boy lived in his own house because his doting parents can’t be bothered with him, where he throws constant drunken parties. Ethan and his buds just got drunk one night, drove drunkenly out to steal some more beer. While speeding back to his party house, a drunken Ethan lost control and slammed into a parked car then mowed down four innocent people standing in a yard. Ethan then careened across the road and slammed into another parked car with two little boys in it and pushed that car into an oncoming car. Ethan’s vehicle flipped and rolled and all his friends riding in the back were thrown out. All told, four cars were wrecked, eleven people were injured, some permanently, and four people were killed. Ethan, of course, got off without a scratch, bad mouthed rescue workers and police, and walked back to his party house free and clear. And he was totally free and clear because, at his trial, his attorney argued that he suffered from “Affluenza”. That Ethan was just a poor widdle rich boy who never learned that stealing, driving drunk, and murdering four people was wrong. Poor Ethan needed treatment but not, of course, at a state facility where everyone else would be sent. No, poor Ethan’s super rich sensibilities would never stand being housed with normal people. Poor Ethan had to go to a super costly private resort for rich brats. Stupid.

Big surprise that Ethan learned absolutely nothing from his “treatment”. He has continued drinking, ’cause no one attends a college beer pong party and laughs and claps at the drunken Stupid antics and does not even take a sip. But after he got caught and filmed at the party. Ethan and his Mom, winner of the Stupid Mother-of-the-year award, decided they simply must skip town and country. They apparently threw themselves a goodbye party (was there drinking at that party, too?) and fled to hide out at an expensive Mexican resort. In Mexico, they had fun and ate pizza and kept a gun in their room (never know when a drunken kid might need to shoot someone). Since they were too Stupid to really hide it is no surprise that they got caught. Ethan’s Mom is already back in the USA but Ethan is fighting extradition. Once Ethan is back in the US, I hope the court throws the book at him. I would love to see the Stupid idiot get ten years. I know he won’t but I hope he gets some jail time because the families that he destroyed deserve some justice and it is obvious that luxury “treatment” had no impact on the poor “Affluenza” suffering moron at all. Ethan will never stop drinking and will never stop breaking the law as long as he can get away with it. Ethan Couch, like the Bundy terrorists, is convinced that he is better than everyone else. These Stupid people are positive they are special. They are convinced they are richer than everyone else or whiter than everyone else or smarter than everyone else and they can do whatever they want. Guess what, Ethan, you are a moron. And so are the Bundy terrorists. Stupid morons.

This New Year is getting off to a bad start. This many Stupid morons running around this early in the year is a bad sign. We have most of the year to go, how many more Stupid people will rampage around before the year is over? After all Donald Trump, king of Stupid, is out there and this is an election year. We may all drown in Stupid before the year is over.

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