Go Royalty-Free with Pexels

Social media deserves superior royalty-free images and Pexels wants to you to have them.

A search engine that combines results from several quality content providers, the site tries to make it easy to find and use the images you want. It’s a query, just like any other search engine, but it also has key word suggestions and links to what’s new or popular.

The emphasis is on the images themselves and a quick scroll of the front page proves it. Blocks of images are presented in seemingly random order, a feast for the eyes, but there’s more. Once you’ve chosen an image, Pexels makes everything extraordinarily easy. 
The button says “Download For Free” and that’s exactly what happens. Press it and the image loads in another tab, just right click and save. It also sources the image for you so you know where it’s come from. Next and perhaps most importantly, the license and permissions are clearly defined. This is often essential in choosing which image you’ll use. With share options, tags and similar photos suggestions (not shown), Pexels couldn’t make it any easier to find and use free quality images for social media. 
The images, both in choice and quality, show how much royalty-free options have to offer you. 
There’s no registration. They don’t ask for your email or social media information. No nag screens, captchas or pop-ups either. After you’ve downloaded an image, they ask if you’d like to donate to help defray costs but the choice is yours without restriction. Free means free and Pexels has a lot to offer anyone making a conscientious effort to observe intellectual property rights without sacrificing quality on social media. 

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