The Creative Genius of Vladstudio.

Vlad Gerasimov is insanely famous.

Who, you ask? You may not recognize his name but odds are you recognize his work; he’s cemented his internet status by making wallpaper.

Make no mistake, this isn’t just any wallpaper. Although there have been both mimics and contenders alike, there is no one like him; nobody comes close to the quality of his work, or the imagination, vision and detail he puts into it.

Vlad Gerasimov is something of a legend. Why? A generous talent, this man has made millions of strangers happy by freely sharing his art with the world.

Welcome to the world of Vladstudio.

What Marley is to Reggae, Gerasimov is to wallpaper for the desktop modification crowd. His work has whimsy, wit and a governing spirit of playfulness. There’s something about his images and his use of them, their presentation and effect, that simply sets him apart from all the others. In short, I think he’s simply brilliant (genius, if you will) but I’ll let his images speak for themselves, confident that you’ll agree with me.

There are many free items to enjoy so the site is well worth exploring. There are apps and games, tutorials and social media covers, and free Wallpaper Clocks. You can even send an ecard. Premium users can download all-in-one zip packs in various formats and you can purchase a royalty-free license if you’d like to get the most use from his images. You can also shop on the site. While there are quite a few items to choose from – posters, skins, shirts, mousepads and mugs – I tend to be drawn to the coffee cup.

The man is an artist and makes a living from his work. One of the things he does well is make movies for children. That’s right, he makes movies. They’re adorable, even if you don’t have children, and I suggest you check them out. However, arguably most impressive is his book. While “Who Stole The Moon?” can be purchased in hardback, he’s also donated copies to charity. The book is available online for iPad and iPhone with free and paid versions offered.

Vlad Gerasimov is insanely famous. He’s a generous talent and something of a legend to the people (like me) he’s made happy. And now that you’ve heard of him, you can agree he deserves it and become one of his many fans

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