Doctorow’s ‘I, Robot’ flips a switch.

What if countries had different ethics for what robots may or may not do?

Interesting question.

If you’re a fan of Orwell, Asimov or Bradbury you’ll enjoy this homage, set in the type of police state needed so only one company is allowed to make robots… and only one type of them is allowed to be made.

Detective Arturo Icaza de Arana-Goldberg has a rebellious teenage daughter and a robotics genius ex-wife who defected to Eurasia, a rival Superpower. The plot revolves around this almost noir-like detective, one who detests the technology he’s forced to work with as tries to track down his missing teenage daughter.

While this is not the Asimov version that was put to film, it embraces similar themes and I found this short story a worthy read. Download in epub, Kindle or PDF version. 

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