Wallpaper Clocks? Dexclock!

This was my desktop on Friday, the ninth of January, one minute to seven in the morning and I loved it.

It’s so pretty, this elephant – so bright and engaging, colourful and entertaining – that I barely noticed it was a clock. Make no mistake, it’s a functional clock. Clearly, it works. But it’s not only a clock; it tells you the day and date, too.

This is handy when you work a lot. Hours can blend into days. It’s also handy if you’re the kind of person who can’t quite ever remember the date, or easily forgets which day of the week it is. (Hello, creative types! I understand you.)

But more than anything, it’s just lovely and here’s the great news: It can be yours for free.

There are other options, but I like Dexclock.

I’ll give the bad news first. They package the install with Open Candy (which makes my eyeballs roll) but it’s easy enough to remove. If you’re running MalwareBytes, free or paid, it even gives you the option to do what I did; quarantine it during the install.

There’s nothing left but good news from here on out.

After the installation, an icon sits on the task bar making it easy to access Dexclock with a simple right click to “choose wallpaper clock”.

The makers of Dexclock start you off with a few good wallpaper clocks; however, if you travel over to Vladstudio, there’s an entire section of them and browsing there is how I got the list you see in the screenshot to the right.

Simply download the wallpaper clock you want, double click to install and it automatically installs as a choice in Dexclock.

Here’s the hummingbird.

But before that one, I had to try When the Night Comes.

Of course, there’s the Library.

But the conversation between the snail and the chameleon is just too charming not to add to the collection.

Truthfully, I can’t stop browsing and collecting. Dexclock is easy to use, low on resources, stylish, unique, witty, whimsical and functional. What more could you ask for?

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