James Stephens and Tales of Irish Fae.

What happens when the Fae mingle with humans?

“Traditional Irish Fairy Tales” by James Stephens features ten time-honored classics which are notable retellings of traditional favorites, brimming with enchantment, whimsy and sly humor.

The Story of Tuan mac Cairill
The Boyhood of Fionn
The Birth of Bran
Oisin’s Mother
The Wooing of Becfola
The Little Brawl at Allen
The Carl of the Drab Coat
The Enchanted Cave of Cesh Corran
Becuma of the White Skin
Mongan’s Frenzy

“Traditional Irish Fairy Tales” is written with a compelling sense of humor, aimed not at the cute, but at the failings which each of us possess. For many, it ranks as a favorite book if Irish fairy tales and a book worthy of reading by a person of any age. A great read for anyone interested in Irish folklore, or a set of beautifully written, wonderful stories.

Download from Feedbooks or read online at Project Gutenberg. Read online or download in various formats from the Internet Archive

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