#OPSafeWinter There is no them; There’s only us.

Once again the winter months are upon us, which means that those less fortunate are in an even more dire situation than usual. The cold weather has descended on some areas with a vengeance.

In these times of economic hardship a multitude of charities descend on us to give money to support them, as they in turn try to help the less fortunate. At times it seems as if the requests are just one too many, especially when frustration kicks in. The frustration about not being able to help everyone and having to pick a few to support instead of all.

However it is better to do what you can than do nothing at all. Ask yourself what it is you can do or provide to help someone in need.

At the moment it seems as if many towns, countries or states have stamped a big FORBIDDEN sign on any impulse of humane action.

It is with great distaste I write that at this moment in time there are 33 cities that have banned or are planning to place a ban on feeding or giving food to the homeless and hungry.

Anti-homeless laws are on the rise in the US. Say what? I mean really, come again? Read more in this article ‘Homelessness is not a crime – and neither is feeding the hungry‘ written by free at Opsafewinter.org.

Society is becoming apathetic to the pain and misery of those around them. It is easier to walk past and ignore something or someone, especially if it makes us feel uncomfortable. The majority are just glad they are not in such a desperate situation themselves.

Anonymous #Opsafewinter has made it their mission to bring attention to the plight of the homeless. For quite a long time they have been recruiting and compiling people, resources and skills to help feed, clothe and house the homeless. Building a resource network for clothes, food supply, blankets ect.

Take a look at Opsafewinter.org to see if they are looking for something you can give them in a town near you. When I say give them, I mean something as simple as your time, energy or perhaps a skill they could utilize to their advantage.

Helping out at your local food bank, soup kitchen, distributing clothing and blankets. Spend a few dollars/pounds more and donate some of your groceries to the food bank, something which is a popular and effective fixture in my own community for example. Our local Superstore has connections to the community food-bank, and shoppers are encouraged to buy a wee bit more and pop it in the food bank baskets.

I live near a large UK town, where local people are fighting to get more shelter and beds for the homeless. Unfortunately the number of homeless greatly outweighs the beds and spaces available. Age UK has an interesting Spread the Warmth campaign, donate a coat you no longer need to the elderly. Of course the same applies to the homeless. If you have an extra winter coat that is just hanging in your wardrobe, why not swing on by a local charity, shelter or even approach someone you know is homeless.

An act of kindness, which seems so trivial and minute could mean the world and the difference between warm, cold or life and death to someone. Just one moment  can change the life of many.
Empathy instead of apathy.
There is no ‘I’ in ‘We’…

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