Vintage Cookbooks

If you ever wanted to be able to cook like your grandmother, Vintage Cookbooks is the perfect site for you.

It’s amazing how many old cookbooks and recipes have been scanned and made available online. At Vintage Cookbooks, many of them are easily available by period and topic, all in one convenient place.

I was impressed with the site owner’s devotion to this project which, after reading her words, seems massive. 

Researching material for this site, I came across oodles of websites listing online vintage cookbooks in public domain. Besides and GoogleBooks, which have the most original images in their digital book collections, there is However, Gutenberg only has book text transcriptions, or else hybrids, where illustrations are scanned and placed with text transcriptions.

I only intended to wander around the site for about fifteen minutes or so ended up spending an hour or two getting lost in all the links, almost all of which are fully functional. The sheer variety of content is impressive. It’s easy to find things by period or date. and there are sections organized by interest as well, such as Childrens Cookery, Home and Garden, Ethnic or Other Languages.

As I wanted this to be as “authentic” as possible, I only included books with actual images for this site. However, these other online cookbooks, though only in text-transcription, are still good. Several of the following sites contain links to transcripts of books printed before the 1700s, even as early as the 1400s. To allow the reader access to these books I didn’t include, here are links to websites I came across, whether they included authentic cookbook images or text-only transcriptions: Historic Cookbooks Online, Historical Culinary and Brewing Documents Online, and, as previously mentioned,

Of all the merry things to catch my eye, The Vintage Receipts Blog highlights recipes from the past and tempts you try them, and I made the Sour-Cream Blueberry Cakes. I’d share the results but it was devoured before I could even take a picture. I’d call that success!

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