42 Game of Thrones Chrome Themes

It’s no secret we love Game Of Thrones.

With season four heading to a swift and breath-taking close, it will no doubt leave us stunned… but another year-long wait for more always feels like a horrible, torturous thing.

I commiserate, friends and fellow fans, so I wanted to share my personal stash to help ease the inevitable.

Valar Morghulis? We may suffer but we’ll do it in style.

What you’ll need:
A Chromium-based browser like Iron or Dragon.
Utility to unzip files. We like PeaZip.

How to install:
Download the zipped file which includes screenshots and the .crx files, or actual themes.
Double click the .crx file to add it to your chromium-based browser.
If that doesn’t work, drag and drop the .crx file into your browser to install it manually.

A quick word: Not to be resold or distributed for monies or gain, themes are made from images collected from various sources, granted by creative commons and/or fair use, or created by me and are  for personal use only. 

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