Smarter: Swap your search engine.

I want to show you something.

No, don’t brush this off like most of you usually do; you can’t afford not to pay attention anymore.

Generally speaking, this is how a search engine works.

I’m going to show you why you don’t want to use most search engines, courtesy of Don’t Bubble Us, and then I’m going to give you better options.

Ready? Start reading.
But it’s only Facebook, right? 
Is this what you want? 
If that’s okay with you – I mean, if you really don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with that – stop reading. If having someone dictate what information is available to you doesn’t sit well with you, let’s get back to that Filter Bubble … 
It does limit your exposure to information. The Filter Bubble decides for you.
Wait, even after I’ve logged out? Yes, even after you sign out. 

Still like Google? Think Bing is the bang? Does Yahoo, Facebook or Ask meet your needs? Have I got news for you – it only gets worse. Here’s how search engines like Google track you.

How trackable is your browser? Find out. 
If you haven’t yet, delete your search history and turn it off. 
Here is Google’s policy on requests for information. It does happen. 
Yes, Google gets hacked just like any other site. 

So what options do we actually have to stay safer and search smarter? The truth is, there are a few options; however, I am a stickler for privacy, simplicity, ease of use and convenience. Duck Duck Go respects your privacy and your intelligence, and is a great option for most people.

It’s easy to add DuckDuckGo to your desktop (mobile phoneemail client, as a widget) or your browser. The settings are customizable. You can add Do Not Track and consult How-to stop getting tracked in your Browser for even more tools. If this seems familiar, last year we highlighted Duck Duck Go and covered the merits of Ixquick. Note: if you are a privacy freakIxquick is your new best friend and, when you’re there, click the light bulb just for fun.

The bottom line is simple. You’re a person, not a commodity. Your information shouldn’t be for sale just because you surf the web. No one should be filtering or censoring information and you have the right not to be tracked. Stay safer. Be smarter. Swap your search engine now. 

8 thoughts on “Smarter: Swap your search engine.

  1. I knew they were mining my data but I had no idea until Gen showed me ^^ how they are deciding what I get to read and see.
    Wrong….. just very wrong indeed.

  2. Another Great Post!

    I've cleared my search history and installed Ducky to my browser.

    Thanks again Gen for all this great information!


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