#OPSafeWinter – Just one moment

For more information visit this website:  OpSafeWinter

Whether you miss someone who meant the world to you, the way your mother smiled down upon you, the way your child used to fold into your arms as a baby or a time and place when you felt most loved.

That perfect moment of serenity, of silence and peace in your heart.

The nostalgia of forgotten days gone by, the days when you thought it would be like this forever. The moments you cannot reproduce because they are brought about by a time, place and person, which cannot be reproduced at the drop of a hat or at all. Take note of that nostalgic longing as it passes by in form of a fleeting memory. Lock it away safely until the next time it escapes from within the deep crevices of your Narnia like box of memories.

Savour that fleeting moment, indulge in the emotion and then perhaps you may find it in yourself to act upon it to create the same feeling of ‘one moment’ for others.

What is she blathering on about…yes I can hear you grumbling away. Hold on to that Scroogesque grumble as I explain.

It is at this time of the year that you probably most certainly find yourself approached by many people who want you to help others. Despite it being Winter for many long hard months the element of Christmas is used effectively by charities to awaken the spirit of giving in others.

Now you and I know that the majority of us can’t afford to give a financial donation to every charity that approaches us. I for instance give to a certain few on a regular basis. Yes, I do pick which ones I give money to very carefully, because unlike the donkey in De Efteling I do not expel golden coins from my derriere (although admittedly that would be an interesting phenomena).

You don’t always have to give money to help others. Instead there is a multitude of ways to reach out to those in need.

Sometimes it is that one little thing you may do for others, as opposed to for yourself, which give someone their special moment of peace. Alleviate some of their burden of worry, make them less hungry, a little warmer and a lot safer. When others lay that seemingly insurmountable mountain of ‘do this, help others now, give money,we need you’ at your door or your conscience, remember this.

Do what you can.

Clothing you don’t need (how about a spring clean in your closet), Hats/Gloves/Scarves, Shoes, Coats and Blankets.

When you shop buy some extra food items to donate to your local food bank (a can here, a bag of sugar there every item counts).

Look in on your elderly neighbours. Make sure they are warm and safe. They are especially vulnerable at this time of the year. Many of them turn their heating down to save money, which often proves fatal. Offer to do their shopping or give them a lift. The icy pavements and roads are treacherous.

This is the OpSafeWinter website.

If you are aware of any homeless living on in your area the above applies to them even more so. Have you got any extra clothing or bedding to keep them warm? You know, that extra duvet you never use that is tucked away in the cupboard. Take it to them or to your nearest homeless shelter.

Sometimes that means you may go above and beyond for others. A thank you to each person who does that by the way. For some of us it means doing what we can within our means. There are also some of us who think our climb towards helping others is hindered by obstacles we believe to be unmovable.

I understand.

Do what you can.

It could be you.

Our society has become quite apathetic to the plight of others. A general sense of why should I help others when no person will help me in my time of need?

I would argue that although it might not have happened yet, one day someone shall help, perhaps in your hour of need. I would also suggest if everyone thought that way then we the people would never help anyone other than ourselves.

If the suggestions above seem impossible to achieve then just do what you can. Even if it is just the one thing and one moment.

Do what you can.

Why, you ask?

Will that one tiny thing I do for someone else actually matter?

My answer to that is this: Our lives are filled to the brim with tiny moments, special seconds and brief minutes during which we are connected via  emotions and selfless deeds to others. That one small thing you choose to do to help others might just be such a moment for someone else or for yourself.

I would argue that for any small kindness you would do unto others  it would be worth just for that one fleeting moment of connection. It might just mean the difference between holding on to life and letting go for someone. We can make that difference, albeit one small at a time. One act, one smile, one penny, one blanket, one can of beans at a time.

All of us can help in our own way. For others. Just one moment and one thing…

We are the people and the people are us.

2 thoughts on “#OPSafeWinter – Just one moment

  1. Thank you, Cheryl M-M, for highlighting a truly important issue. While there are many worthy charities, you do not have to limit yourself. Look around your hometown. Look around your neighborhood. Give the clothes your children have outgrown to your local shelters. Shovel the walk of the elderly couple down the street. Take a cup of hot coffee to the man sitting on the sidewalk. Serve food at your local homeless shelter. Something little from you may be something big to someone else.

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