Cookthink: What are you craving?

You want to use ingredients in the refrigerator or you’re in a particular mood. Maybe you’re planning a menu, on a budget or like to be creative. Crave a certain cuisine? Have a specific dish in mind? What would it taste like if you threw this together with that

Cookthink can handle these scenarios and offers a wide variety of ways to use the site, suggestions, recipes and more.

What are you craving? it asks and gives us options on how we want our recommendations served. We can choose by the ready tags shown, or use the bottom tabs for ingredients, dish, cuisine or mood.

A search for “bread, butter, pasta” under the ingredients tab merits these results and an endless list of recipes to choose from.

I have a weakness for macaroni and cheese so, of course, this was the recipe for me. 

I can create a free account and save my recipes and also build meals, as shown underlined in red.  They also offer “goes with” and “related tips” (as shown in red boxes).

The recipes are clear. A photo of the dish is shown. How much time it takes and tools necessary (shown in blue boxes) is clearly marked.  Preparation and instructions couldn’t be simpler.

You can leave comments (as underlined in green) or tweet this recipe (circled in green) to your friends and followers. You can also modify your search and the results (as shown in purple boxes)

The site also has a few more lovely little features. 

You can see what other people are craving or what’s happening in the kitchen. There’s also the “a thousand words” series of helpful articles as well as ways to browse by recipe, reference and author.

This site is an amazing way to eat well and save money.

A simple search for a few ingredients you have to use will provide a multitude of recipes to choose from, making left overs more creative, fun and tasty.

The handy “reference” feature (circled in red) is where I go to learn new things.

Just in case you want to know the difference between Great Northern, Cannellini and Navy beans – and how to use them, including recipe recommendations – you can read that reference page here.

This is probably the most helpful site in my foodie arsenal because it’s so versatile and user-friendly. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do, and I hope it saves you time and money while feeding you well. 

3 thoughts on “Cookthink: What are you craving?

  1. I have always baked (cookies, cakes, etc.) but I never really learned to cook (I can boil water and nuke stuff in the microwave). But recently I've started to learn to cook (I have even put together my own recipe book – all the recipes start with “Super Easy” and “Quick and Easy”).
    I was at Cookthink for maybe 2 minutes and Bingo! got a new easy recipe to try: Egg Noodles with Peas and Parmesan.
    I can see that this site will be a huge help for me. Thanks, Gen!

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