Merrily Caroling Christmas Houses

I love brightly decorated houses. Back in October, I proclaimed my love of Spooky Singing Halloween Houses. Now it is time for a new holiday season and more lighted and singing houses.

Christmas has always been a big holiday for my family. We usually decorate the house a week or two before Christmas and then we always exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. This required that my Mom and Dad do some creative planning when my Sister and I were young and firmly believed in Santa Claus. We would eat a family supper then wait anxiously for Santa Claus to arrive. About the time my Sister and I were becoming totally hyper, Dad would suggest we all pile in the car and go looking for Santa. Mom would always plead that she was too tired to go so Dad and my Sister and I would drive off and go “Santa Claus Hunting.” After driving around randomly for an hour or so we would return home. And viola! It always turned out that Santa showed up while we were gone and left our presents under the tree.

Then there was the one year when Dad, my Sister, and I actually found Santa. We were driving around just a couple of blocks from our home. Suddenly we spotted a car pulled up to the curb in front of a house. My Sister and I can still, to this day, point out the exact house. And lo and behold! Santa Claus got out of the car! Poor Dad was probably deafened from all of our excited screaming.

Over time, “Santa Claus Hunting” turned into “Christmas Light Hunting.” We would pile into cars and drive around looking for the most decorated houses. My Niece and Nephew have gone “Christmas Light Hunting” nearly every year of their lives.

We have some very nicely decorated houses in my hometown. There is one especially beautiful house just down the block from my home. They always go all out and decorate the front and back yards. One year, they teamed up with their neighbors to create one big lovely display. A few years ago, I spotted a house that had lights that flashed and changed colors. But I have never found a local house that combines the decorations, lights, and music like some of the houses in my favorite Christmas light show videos.

Actually just the thought of all the time and effort those homeowners put in makes my head hurt. We always decorate. We have wreaths and a Santa and sleigh and reindeer and a manger scene with a big wooden stable my Dad built. And we have a ton of lights and spotlights. It always took a night or two to get everything up. But these elaborate setups in the videos – wow! I can not imagine the time, effort, and technical know-how required. And there are literally hundreds of these elaborately decorated houses and hundreds of these Christmas light show videos.

Before I go to the videos, I wanted to include more holiday pictures of my cats. My ever patient cat, Sugar, is wearing a Santa Paws outfit from last Christmas. I have reindeer antlers for her this year but I have not yet managed to get them on her. Well, I had them on but they were dangling under her chin. I have not managed to get them right side up yet. Sugar is a good sport. She has not bitten me yet. My older cat, Nixie, has no interest at all in dressing up.

Now on to the Christmas light show videos!

I really tried to pare down my list of favorite Christmas house videos. But there are just so many really great displays. You can watch the videos all at once or spread them out over a few evenings. The first house is The Amazing Grace Christmas House – Holdman Christmas by holdmanchristmas from 2009. It is deservedly the number one internet favorite with almost 32 million views.


The Holdmans have many Christmas videos syncing their house to a variety of holiday songs. Another of my favorite videos from the Holdmans is Carol of the Bells 2007 – Holdman Christmas Lights by holdmanchristmas. This has more than 900,000 views. This is also one of my favorite holiday songs.


Frisco Christmas Lights – Wizards in Winter by trykoski has more than 7 million views. I love the music and the stars on the roof.


Next up is another massively popular video with more than 3 million views. Christmas Light Show 2011 – Sexy and I Know It by KJ92508 is actually one of my favorite Halloween Houses. KJ92508 does not use a Christmas song but his display is still great.


The next video, 7 BEST CHRISTMAS LIGHT SHOWS EVER!! WOW!!! by THE LAST DAY features a variety of houses, lights, and music (including the Holdman house). It has more than a million and a half views. (The original video was taken down but was put back up, now listed as being by Steven Kim)


The next video, Best Christmas Light Show 2011 – The end is awesome! by SVO4Turbo features a mall not a house. But the music is great and I love the exploding stars. It also has more than a million views.


Next is an entire neighborhood all synced to the same music: Christmas lights 13 houses set to Little Drummer Boy by Christmaslights2009.


The next video is 2010 – Mannheim Steamroller – Hallelujah by Never Enough Lights. I love Mannheim Steamroller and I love the bouncing lights and the stars on the roof.


Very bright and colorful, MADRIX ultimate at Christmas Light Show 2011 in Fountain Valley, CA #1 by inoageDOTcom, features a different and elaborately lit roof.


Here’s another video from Never Enough Lights. I love the music in 2011 – TSO – Christmas Eve in Sarajevo and I still love those stars on the roof.


The music is great fun in the next video. Dueling Banjos becomes Jingle Bells in Dueling Jingle Bells – 2010 Downs Family Christmas by chuckd73026.


It’s not a holiday song but the display is still great in Don’t You Worry Child – Amazing Christmas Lights by Advateklights.


Larsen’s Christmas Light Show 2011 “Christmas Epic” by Geon Tillinghast features a big, beautiful house, an elaborate, colorful light display, and great music.


I love the lighted animated band and the funny talking Santa head at the end in Richins 2011 Christmas Lights – Jingle Bell Rock by Chadskeys.


Next up is another light show that is beautifully synced to the music: World’s Best Christmas Lights 2010 by Kym Illman.


Here is another elaborate, colorful light show from Geon Tillinghast: Larsen’s Christmas Light Show 2011 “Christmas Time.”


The next video features a traditionally lit house but I absolutely adore the Christmas tree which becomes both a singing head and the Grinch: 2011 Musical Christmas light show to Grinch by Neal Adams.


DiscoSanta – Computerized Light Show by AndrewsChristmas features a colorful and energetic display.


The next video features those lighted stars that I love so much as well as an old time favorite song: Mele Kalikimaka – 2012 by listentoourlights.


And here is another beautiful and rockin’ display from listentoourlights: Deck the Halls 2013


And last, but not least, are two videos featuring the same house. These light shows feature mind-blowing, hugely elaborate displays. The animated fence is fantastic: Fred Loya Light Show 2012 by Javier Desantiago.


and El Paso “Fred Loya”Christmas Lights Show 2011 (1080p HD) by Matthew Brandon Leon.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Merrily Caroling Christmas Houses

  1. I love the fact you included your cats in the post. That is so cute.
    I also like the 'Hunt for Santa' idea. My children toss reindeer food outside each Xmas Eve.(even the kids that aren't technically kids anymore)

  2. My family and friends also have a tradition of “Gift Hunting' where you have to work for your present:
    One year, my Sister and I strung colored yarn throughout our house and yard and our Grandparents' yard and our close family friends had to follow the yarn through a snowfall to find their presents.
    One year my Sis gave me money but in the form of one dollar bills, each and everyone of which was rolled and tied with ribbon and hidden around the house.
    Another year I gave my Sis a huge box -heavily wrapped and taped. Inside was another heavily wrapped and taped box, then another, then another, then another, then a box with a package of M&Ms for energy, then several more boxes, each one smaller. Inside the last box was a series of heavily taped envelopes until she got to the smallest envelope and a note which asked her why she went to all that trouble when her gift was under her chair the whole time.
    We were also infamous for doing “rhyming riddles” which you had to figure out before you could find your present.

    Actually, we haven't done this for a few years. Hmmmm….. maybe my Niece and Nephew need to work for their presents this year.

  3. I want you to know two things.

    1. I caught my father watching these videos yesterday. Points for not laughing.

    2. I think it's mean to dress your cats like this. More points, even if I laughed.

  4. In my defense, I don't actually make Sugar wear the costumes. Basically I put them on, she looks disgusted, I take some pictures, I take off the costumes, and she grooms herself. She was totally baffled the first time I put the Santa outfit on her but she doesn't resist. My biggest problem is getting her to look up so I can get a good picture. She keeps hiding her face.
    And I'm glad your father liked the videos.

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