Meanderings of a non-techy

Teaching a clueless non-tech to battle technology with greater awareness and skill can be infuriating. Conversations such as the following are commonplace during such an encounter:

“Right click the icon.” 

Clicks left

“Right click the red eye-shaped icon.”     

Clicks left

“Right Click…I said RIGHT click.”   

Automatically clicks left. (I swear my brain makes me do it)


Clicks Right.

Such are the trials poor Gen is subjected to when dealing with the likes of a non-tech-savvy savant such as myself.

Nevertheless during our tutorials Gen is patient as she tries to teach the inner workings of my laptop to  myself and due to her extreme endurance I can say that I have proudly gone where no man/woman has gone before on my laptop. (Ok that whole discovering the galaxy in my computer might be slightly exaggerated but let’s cue the Star Trek theme anyway…)

First, she taught me how to protect it. 
Up till now I have been battling the mighty gremlins and pesky Trojans with bog standard Norton, which seems to act like its battling dementia when it comes to valid threats. So let the Megatrons  Malwarebyteand IObit,which includes Driver booster and Smart Defrag, enter the wild arena of virus wielding virtual ogres.

Then I was educated on the ineptitude of Explorer and introduced to the browser Comodo Dragon and quite a fiery little creature it is I must say. I can now be heard proclaiming its efficiency in comparison to Ex to all and sunder.

I was then introduced to the saga of Google and its manipulative hindering of data search, whilst simultaneously gathering personal info like fungi growing on damp bread. Alternative to the bloodsucking fiend being DuckDuckGo, a search engine that does not track you.

I realise that the tech savvy amongst you usually know what they have on their laptops /pcs but I am a bugger  for looking at files and having one of my many black hole moments, ergo not knowing what it is, why it is there and where the heck did it come from in the first place?

That’s where Should I remove this or block it comes in. It shows you in nice bright colours what should be on there in green, what might be a bit dodgy in orange, the sneaky dangerous ones in red and comes with a handy removal tool to dispose of any pests. I actually found the ‘Let me show you what the heck this is’ function far more interesting and I had quite a few aha moments.
I am also one of those people who saves files without checking where they are being saved (I mean seriously, who reads that wee box?), hence constantly having to search for everything.

I swear on my secret stash of chocolate that I managed to lose a file on my laptop the same day StLouisKiss blogged about Recuva. (Coincidence? Methinks not).
Duly downloaded and hey presto my file miraculously reappeared.
I shall not bore you with the details of how any of these very efficient guard dogs or nifty web ninjas work. Yes, that’s right you guessed it in one. The truth is…………
I have no clue whatsoever how the thingymajigs, whatchamacallits and doodyflops work.

What I do know is that they work, that I can use them with ease without obliterating my laptop and just between you and little ol’ me I feel a whole lot more tech savvy than before.

These handy whatchamacallits have made my laptop into the equivalent of a finely tuned engine, as opposed to the slow coughing wreck it was before.  I have gone from an inadequately skilled surfer of the virtual waves to a much better equipped one. My surfboard is waxed and  it glides through the waters with greater speed and efficiency. (Ok, admittedly that might sound a little naughty, then again that might just be me) To top it all off these gadgets are Freeware, so you don’t have to spend a fortune enhancing your device.
To end this tongue in cheek glance into the life of a non-techy I would like to leave you with an essence and image of the very much tortured, pained and exasperated tech savvy teacher. Commiseration and thank you to you all.

Free downloads of all the software mentioned above:
Download Malwarebyte free from our blog here or from here.
Download Should I remove it free from our blog here or from here.
Download Comodo Dragon free from our blog here or from here.
Download IOBit free from our blog here or from here.
Download Smart Defrag free from our blog here or from here.
Download Driver booster free from our blog here or from here.
Download Recuva free from our blog here or from here.
Download DuckDuckGo free from our blog here or from here.
To see all the Freeware on the blog click here.

17 thoughts on “Meanderings of a non-techy

  1. “Right click the icon.”
    Clicks left
    “Right click the red eye-shaped icon.”
    Clicks left
    “Right Click…I said RIGHT click.”
    Automatically clicks left. (I swear my brain makes me do it)

    Clicks Right.

    You have no idea how much we hate this. LOL

  2. I'm rather partial to this little Gen-speech.

    “If you knew what you were doing you wouldn't have asked for my help. Are you going to listen to me or shall I leave you to it then?”

    To be fair, I don't listen. I click ahead, trying to stay a step up on her. I'm surprised she likes working with me at all. lol

  3. This blog has been really helpful to people like me (and you) who don't know what we're doing lol Glad to see someone feels like I do!

  4. These programs are so useful (and free) thanks for drawing attention to them in a way that even I can understand! Clare, not a tech person

  5. Thank you, Gen, for making both my laptop and my netbook into purring little kittens. Despite the fact that I jump-clicked you many times. Is jump-click a real word? I think it works for describing the “I-must-click-fast-and-stay-ahead-of-Gen” syndrome.

  6. Oh no. It happened again. The dreaded “click-quick-before-Gen-actually-says-to-click” followed by the even more dreaded “Did-I-tell-you-to-click-that?-Then-why-did-you-click-that?”
    ;( *sob* ;((

    I humbly, abjectly apologize….Puh-LEEEZE forgive me!!!!

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