Live From Daryl’s House

Time for a fun post, so I’m going to share with you one of my guilty pleasures; the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates. Their “Rock and Soul Part 1” CD is as likely to be found in my car as any Metallica, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, or even a mix CD. Their effortless soul never fails to centre me and more than once I’ve been caught belting their classics “Sarah Smile” or “She’s Gone”.

When you have an industry mover and shaker like CeeLo Green saying you play “genuine soul” and remarking how amazing and groundbreaking Hall & Oates were because they were “two white guys who got a standing ovation at the Apollo”, you know you’re getting it right. They’ve been working at getting it right for a long time, with their first album coming out in 1972, hitting their stride in 1975 with their self-titled album which produced their first hit.

After a scattering of hits throughout their 41-year career, but still being one of the most overlooked acts in the business, Hall & Oates have been nominated for a 2014 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, up against some very stiff competition.

Daryl Hall and Cee Lo Green punch out Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”
in one take. 
Above, creating a Mexican dish with Joe Walsh

My favourite new project of theirs is Live From Daryl’s House, which began in 2007 as a webcast, and 62 episodes later, now airs on VH1 as well. The show is based out of a rustic and historic Connecticut farmhouse that Daryl Hall has turned into a recording studio. The show features Daryl Hall duetting with other musicians – legends and new artists alike – and the very first musical guest on the show was, of course, John Oates.

The guest artists don’t always just come in and perform their own hits with a Daryl Hall treatment, they also do their own take on Hall & Oates classics. Guest chefs come in from time to time and show off their own stuff, as they prepare a meal for the crew to enjoy. Every great meal is accompanied by a great discussion around the dinner table, and each show with a chef also features the stories and deep insights told around the table.

For this season coming up, Daryl has sold the house, but the new owner has graciously allowed him to shoot the season’s first few episodes in the old house. Daryl bought a club in New York to continue shooting the show. Fans of the show expressed concern that the unique atmosphere and intimacy of the house would be lost, but he’s taking the time to convert the club into a replica of the house, hence the first few episodes being shot at the Connecticut location.

Daryl Hall and Matchbox 20

My favourite episodes so far are the CeeLo Green, Joe Walshand Smokey Robinson episodes, and not necessarily in that order. Browse through the archive of webcasts and figure out which episodes are your favourites. Then there was Chromeo, Finger 11, oh hell, I think they’re all enjoyable. There are several episodes missing off the archive list, and some of them were amazing, like the Smokey Robinson episode, and one where they went on location to Todd Rundgren’s place. Hopefully those episodes will reappear on the archive.

In the new season, which will also be available at the web site, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is one of the guests, and I for one can’t wait to see that one. The list of performers for the upcoming season are still being announced, but so far along with Gibbons are Amos Lee, Gavin DeGraw and JOHNNYSWIM.

5 thoughts on “Live From Daryl’s House

  1. I couldn't listen to the music using Chrome but it worked fine when I used Explorer.
    The jam session with Rob Thomas is great.
    I haven't listened to D & O in ages.
    Great article!

  2. Of course, I used the site in Iron browser at home, and Chrome at work, maybe it's a plug-in issue? Strange. Glad you were able to get in, though!

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