Should I Block It? Get Answers Here.

“Should I Block It?” is a free service that analyzes all aspects of an ‘active’ file, process, service or module under the context of which they run and determines if it should be blocked from executing.

Offering Real-time analysis:
Process and service context
Auto-start and integration points
Behaviors of processes and modules
Reasource utilization
Programs of installation
Malware detections utilizing 50 scanners
Network connections
Relationships between files
Distribution statistical analysis

How does this help you? 

To the right is your task manager. In the process tab view (shown here) you can see what’s running on your computer or laptop.

Let’s pretend escort.dll is listed there. We don’t know what it is, so we need to look it up. When we go to the site and search, we see the entry for escort.dll. It’s Funmoods. Detectors say it’s malware and 98% recommend removing it. We can see details outlined for behaviours and detection, as well as its distribution. I also recommend removing Funmoods; it is identified as malware and has no place on your system.

How do I remove it?  

You can terminate the process through the task manager but that does not remove the malware.

You can remove it using an uninstaller of your choice if it’s listed amongst the items to be removed there.

However, I recommend using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free to remove malware of all kinds.

You can also use their free removal tool Should I Remove It?

It downloads quickly, installs without sneakware (trying to sneak other software or settings onto your system), launches well and runs neatly. (Note: if you use the C-Net installer, pay attention as it may try to add other software on to your system. The direct link does not do that.)

Once run, it will show a rated list of items on your system, as shown to the right. You can see the items with green bars are considered safe. You can also see the star ratings from community members.

As shown in the screen shot below, any red or orange items will require attention. Click on the name of the item. It will show options for “What is it?” and “Uninstall”. (Wise Care is actually a good program; however, if I click on the What is it? button it will show me the results so I can decide.) If you choose to uninstall it, first create a system restore point then hit the Uninstall button (shown below) for a fast and easy removal.

Once you’re finished the uninstalls run a free full Malwarebytes scan. If anything else needs to be removed, allow the program to do so and reboot to make sure your system is in good order. If not, choose that system restore point. If you need to restore any of your settings that the malware may have ill-effected, the system restore point you created allows you to easily do this.

Thanks to fellow testers Havilah Vaskeritchin and Cheryl M-M for their assistance. 

15 thoughts on “Should I Block It? Get Answers Here.

  1. Just found nine dubious entries, Looked them up, Removing now. Will install and run Malware Bites after. I'm upset but grateful. I didn't even know this stuff was on there, Thanks.

  2. Hello, everyone.

    I know it can be mind-boggling how much crap ends up on your system. You sit and wonder where the heck it came from. You don't remember installing it. That's because a lot “free products” available often come with the curse of bundled software packaging.

    Bundled software packaging is when you think you're installing one thing but, as the install walks you past the EULA and permissions in the set up, it sneaks a host of other software on to your system in the process. It's called sneakware and I hate it, too. That's why it's so important to read what you're installing and pay attention to the installs.

    I'm glad this helped. With the threats to personal security flying about like the flu, we'll be doing a lot more posts like this in the future. We'll keep you in tough with what options are available to you. Thanks for reading.

  3. I favour it. I can honestly say that it's saved many a laptop I've worked on. Several members of GXM use it as well. I have no doubt they can vouch for its effectiveness, IMO it is a must have for all Windows OS.

  4. Sixteen red and two orange. I had Funmoods on my laptop. I don't recall installing it so it must have been bundled as you explained above. Guess what I'll be doing today? (This.)

  5. I'll take this one.
    Although they offer free trials, it's not free. The rates of detection and removal are generally low but high in false positives. This is a paid product. Don't waste the money when free products work better. Now get your thumb out of that crocodile's backside!

  6. I only had 1 red and 4 orange but, like you, I had no idea that some of them were on there. And believe me, I read everything, cause SOMEONE yells at me if I “accidentally” download bad stuff. :d

  7. I love Malwarebytes. My laptop is really humming alone since I started using it along with some of the other programs Gen recommended. I had something like 251 bugs on the poor laptop the first time I ran Malwarebytes – and I thought I had been careful. 😮

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