Project Night Night: a Security Blanket, a Stuffed Animal, and a Book

If you are looking for a charity to support in the upcoming holiday season and new year, please let me recommend Project Night Night. This non-profit is fairly new, founder Kendra Stitt Robins established Project Night Night in 2005. Kendra was influenced by her young son and by her work as a corporate lawyer who had helped set up numerous non-profits. Kendra noticed that when she and her husband Billy and their then one-year-old son traveled or went on vacation, the little boy did not sleep well. A sleepless baby meant sleepless parents which meant they were all miserable. “Through classic parental trial-and-error, Kendra discovered the key: (her son’s) blanket, stuffed monkey, and the 1001st reading of Goodnight Moon.”

Kendra began to wonder how homeless parents and parents fleeing domestic abuse were able to lull their children to sleep at night. What if they did not have access to comfort items for their children? What if their comfort items had been left behind when they fled to a shelter?

The answer seemed simple, practical, and obvious to Kendra Stitt Robins. In 2005, Kendra quite her job as a corporate lawyer and became a full time mom and a non-profit founder. Project Night Night was born. It’s mission is  “providing comfort at a child’s most vulnerable moment. It’s about giving a child something to hold on to at a time when they have very little.”

Project Night Night provides homeless children with “a book which encourages reading and family bonding, a security blanket which can be cuddled, and a stuffed animal which can become a cherished friend”  – all of it “nestled inside a new canvas tote bag.”

Project Night Night started life as a “small operation stationed in the middle of (Kendra’s) living room.” It’s first year, Project Night Night delivered 1,200 Night Night Packages. Today, Project Night Night has more than 10,000 volunteers and delivers more than 25,000 Night Night Packages across the country.

The Project Night Night website is an excellent help for people looking to donate time or items or money to Project Night Night. It has everything you could possibly need including pages on how to volunteer, how to donate items, and how to donate money. There are resource pages to help you order Project Night Night totes and create your own Night Night Packages including a page to help you find shelters in your area that accept Night Night Packages. This is actually of great interest to me because I used to make stuffed teddy bears and dogs (I had three different sizes and even made clothes for them). Project Night Night does accept homemade blankets and stuffed animals so I plan to make this a personal project in the new year. I have never made a no-sew blanket, but Project Night Night has a no-sew blanket instruction video that shows you how and it looks very simple, so I plan to make blankets, too. If you are too busy or not crafty or just do not know what kinds of items to choose, Project Night Night has pages that link to their Amazon wish list and to the Kohl’s Cares page where you can purchase items for $10 or under or just get an idea of the kinds of items Project Night Night would like. And if you just want to donate money, there is a page to help you with that.

So, overall, Project Night Night seems to be an excellent and worthy charity. It is a new and growing non-profit charity and is actively looking for new volunteers, new donations, and more shelters and children to help. Project Night Night’s focus is on children in dire situations and it has a great impact on their lives by providing them with simple comfort items: a security blanket, a stuffed friend, and a book.

Please click on this link and visit the Project Night Night website.
Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Project Night Night: a Security Blanket, a Stuffed Animal, and a Book

  1. I particularly like this because I do not have a lot of money to give to worthy causes. I have time but also physical limitations. But with Project Night Night, I can relax in my chair and make teddies and blankies. I plan to check with a local shelter I know but if nothing else there is a shelter on the Night Night list in a nearby big city. I have a friend who lives in that city and I plan to ruthlessly draft him to deliver Night Night packages for me if my local shelter does not pan out. 🙂

  2. It looks like a great charity. It's certainly a great idea. I could find nothing but accolades about it. It's still small so it is easy to see where the money is going. Plus, as I said, this is something I can easily do and enjoy. Now I just have to find my teddy bear patterns. Either that or dissect my Aunt''s bear (she has one of my very first teddies). :p

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