Spooky Singing Halloween Houses

I love a decorated house. I am just a sucker for brightly colored outdoor lights on a house. When I was young, most people in my home town only decorated their houses at Christmas. My family just loved outdoor Christmas decorations. We strung lights around the house, door, and windows. We had wreaths, two giant candy canes, a huge Nativity set (Dad built a big old stable to house the whole thing), Santa in a sleigh with two reindeer, and colored floodlights. We even have a whole tradition we call “Christmas Light Hunting” where family and friends pile into a car or two and we spend hours driving around looking for the best decorated houses.

But hardly anyone put up outside Halloween decorations back when I was young. Oh there were some decorations. Many people hung up cardboard witches, skeletons, and Jack O’Lanterns and most people had carved pumpkins. And there was always at least one or two houses on the block that stuck cardboard headstones in the yard or had leaf-stuffed scarecrow dummies propped up on the porch.

Occasionally someone in the neighborhood had a haunted yard or porch that kids had to dare if they wanted to trick or treat. My Sister and I had a haunted house in my Grandpa’s basement two years running. We had ghosts hung on clothes line that could be pulled flying across the basement. We had a giant homemade paper spider web and Grandpa rigged a big rubber spider to drop down from the ceiling. Grandpa even hung a life-size cardboard skeleton in one dark corner. He tied wooden wind chimes to it and strung string so the whole thing could be made to rattle and move. We had great fun scaring the bejeebers out of our friends.


Over the years, people started putting up more and more decorations for Halloween. Dressing up in costume was no longer relegated to little kids. Adults had their choice of scary, sexy, funny, and imaginative Halloween costumes. People even started putting their pets in costumes. The youngest of my fur babies has been a Santa, a witch, and a flower (and doesn’t she look just absolutely thrilled about it?). Best of all, from my point of view, people started decorating their houses in brightly colored Halloween lights.

I first discovered these Halloween light show videos two years ago. No one in my home town has been as daring and imaginative as the homeowners in the videos (but I live to hope). The homeowners in the videos have designed an entire show. Decorations, lights, music, song, and sometimes people dancing in the driveway all feature in these videos. There are literally dozens of videos of decorated Halloween houses. I usually prefer the light shows that feature Halloween-ish songs but there are also lots of videos with the Halloween lights set to popular songs and music. It was really a chore to whittle all the videos I like down to just these few. So here are some of my favorite Halloween light show videos. I hope you enjoy.

I’ll start with the monster hits of YouTube. The first one is Halloween Light Show 2011- Party Rock Anthem by KJ92508. This video has more than eleven million views.


Next up is Halloween Light Show 2011 – This is Halloween also by KJ92508. I love this song. This video has more than nine million views.


Next up is another video by KJ92508: Halloween Light Show 2010 in HD – Thriller (Michael Jackson). This video has gotten more than five million views.


One last video from KJ92508 (although he has many more videos on YouTube): Halloween Light Show 2010 in HD – Monster Mash. This one has almost two million views.


Next up are  a couple of videos by OdessaWest. First is 2012 Halloween Light Show “Godzilla 2012.”
I just love the big blow-up Godzilla and its monster roar.


Second is another version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller: 2011 Halloween Light Show: “Thriller.”


The next video features a catchy tune: Halloween Light Show 2011 – Ghostbusters by MarkH3474.


Here’s a video with a popular new song: Halloween Light Show – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)
by EdwardsLandingLights.


Here is another video from EdwardsLandingLights. I was unfamiliar with this song but I really like it: Halloween Light Show 2013 – Ghost N Stuff by DeadMau5.


And, lastly, two videos from treehorn89: Thomas Halloween 2013 Naperville, Fall Out Boy, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark, Light Em Up.


I wasn’t familiar with either of the songs used in these two treehorn89 videos. This next (and last video) features a song that I now absolutely love: Thomas Halloween 2013 Awolnation Sail, Halloween Light Show.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Spooky Singing Halloween Houses

  1. Thank you. I really love holiday lights. I enjoy big city night scapes. I just plain love lights at night. Also I enjoy the fun versions of holidays: costumes, lights, presents, etc. Just wait til we get closer to Xmas. I'll be in holiday heaven with all the lights and decorations. 🙂
    My cats even enjoy knocking over all the decorations. They just don't enjoy me chasing them around with a Santa costume or a witch or flower. 🙂

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