Scott Lively must be stopped before he kills again

In a previous post on the LGBT situation in Russia, I mentioned a going theory on why all this hatred exists there. That theory dated it back to the Bolshevik revolution and the establishment of Communism in the country, but I think the theory’s author failed to consider influences that are a little more recent, something a little more direct. That something is the effect of one American man by the name of Scott Lively.

Scott Lively is the President of “Abiding Truth Ministries”, an organization that – not to mince words – seeks to criminalize homosexuality in all countries of the world.

You may have seen a YouTube video of a severely misguided Ugandan minister named “Pastor Doctor Martin Ssempa”, freaking out his parishioners about gays by showing them a power point slideshow while screaming “DEY EAT DA POOPOO!!!”… that presentation was inspired by Scott Lively and his “Abiding Truth Ministries” road show.

Lively is also known for co-authoring the 1995 book “The Pink Swastika”, an anti-gay propaganda book in which he claims that the Nazi party was started in a gay bar by “homosexual roughnecks”, that homosexuals were widely recruited by the Nazis because of their extreme capability for brutality and “savagery”, and the most vicious members of the brown shirts, the SS, and even Adolph Hitler himself were gay, among other wild assertions. Historians have roundly rejected the book as “utterly false”, but it continues to attract the attention of religious zealots and bigots as they search for support of their zeal and bigotry.

Scott Lively sees it as his personal mission from God to exterminate homosexuals everywhere. He seems to think that he can eradicate homosexuality from the planet as if it were polio or smallpox.

Scott Lively claims that there is a global “gay agenda”, and that agenda is to recruit children into “the gay lifestyle”. He reasons that since homosexuals can’t reproduce, they can only increase their numbers by “recruiting” innocent, unsuspecting children. He takes this claim a step further and concludes that this therefore proves that all homosexuals are pedophiles. He shrouds this reasoning in religious rhetoric and foments anti-homosexual hatred wherever he goes.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre has been watching Lively for some time, and have an excellent record of his anti-gay hate and campaigning, and the SPLC has identified his Abiding Truth Ministries organization as a hate group.

In his international campaigns, Lively’s method is to find audiences receptive to his message, preach his hate and propaganda, dehumanize and demonize homosexuals, whip his audience into an anti-gay frenzy and let the chips fall where they may, in the hope that his actions will lead to the criminalization of homosexuality. In Uganda, after preaching his message to the general public, he found an audience with the political leaders and the law-makers and people of influence and sought to influence them.

The result is Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, and the fallout surrounding it. The bill seeks to criminalize homosexual acts, leading a homosexual lifestyle, or even “aiding and abetting” someone else in the same, punishable by long jail sentences, heavy fines, and even the death penalty for what it calls “aggravated homosexuality” – people convicted of multiple or repeat offences – and an immediate death sentence if you test HIV-positive. The bill is not yet passed, but it’s high on the docket for this session of Uganda’s government and will be addressed, and the Ugandan house speaker has promised that the bill will be passed this year. The fallout of all this is a mob hysteria that has seen witch hunts and brutal violence directed at homosexuals in Uganda. Newspapers publish photos of people on their front page of people suspected of being gay, and lists of names, photographs and addresses of gay people which are thinly veiled “hit lists” inciting acts of vigilantism, and more.

Lively in front of St. Basil’s (from his own blog)

At first, Lively was quite proud of the Ugandan result, but after he saw the public backlash to his “ministry”, Lively feigned concern that his fear-mongering in Uganda resulted in a bill that imposes the death penalty on gay Ugandans. He claims that he wants rehabilitation of gays instead, but Lively was consulted by the Ugandan lawmakers throughout the process, so this can’t be a great surprise to him, and he has never spoken out against the Ugandan vigilantism.

Lively faces a “Crimes Against Humanity” lawsuit in the United States under international law for his actions in Uganda. That hasn’t stopped Lively though, as he did a Uganda-style tour of anti-gay hot-spots in Russia before Putin passed his laws. The measure to which Lively influenced Russia’s current state of affairs is unclear, but he does proudly take some level of credit for it, and he is back in Russia RIGHT NOW intent on partnering with the Russian Orthodox Church and inflaming the same hatred that he successfully whipped into a deadly frenzy in Uganda. For Scott Lively and his “ministry”, TV-psychiatrist Dr. Phil McGraw would currently describe Russia as a “target-rich environment”. I can’t think that he expects to achieve a different result in Russia than he did in Uganda. Given the current environment in Russia, what purpose does he think his fear-mongering will achieve?

Scott Lively must be stopped.

One thought on “Scott Lively must be stopped before he kills again

  1. There are some people, Scott Lively is one of them, that I just do not understand. What is so missing in his life that makes him try so hard to destroy the lives of complete strangers? There are lots of people I don't like. There are some behaviors that I don't like. But I don't go around trying to pass legislation to KILL those people. This idiot is just so fixated on the hate. He's so fixated on controlling those he hates. I don't understand. You don't have to like everyone, no one ever can. You don't have to like everything people do or everything they are. But they still have value, they still have a life. They should be able to live their lives freely without fear of being murdered.

    Scott Lively is not god, however much he thinks he speaks for one. He does not have the right to go around deciding who can live and who should be killed because he doesn't like them.

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