47 thoughts on “24 hours?

  1. “We will go through every one of your new bully friends and they will pay for what they've done and you can't do anything about it. STGRB is getting major press while you've been reduced to nothing. Are you tired yet, Gen Xavier in Vancouver, Canada?”

    I think my blood just ran cold.

  2. “All it took was one little lie to undo everything good you're ever done and your precious little public domain career is ruined. LOL How does it feel to go from respected to irrelevant? All it took was one little lie like your bully friends did to me. Remember the good old days when everybody loved you? Well, no one cares about you anymore. The whole world believes you're a lying stalking two-faced traitor named Amanda Welling instead of The Great GenX. LOL”

    He just admitted he's known all along that you're not Amanda and that he used her to try to ruin you. Did he think you wouldn't post this? What a dumb ass!

  3. ” Are you tired yet, Gen Xavier in Vancouver, Canada? I know all kinds of things about you. LOL You can't save your friends but you can save yourself. Post a public apology for all your lies and take down every post you made about everyone associated with STGRB. Hand over all the information you have about your Bully Friends, including the Wellings. If you refuse, your information will be posted and you will finally understand how it feels to be humiliated. You have twenty four hours to decide. Try to make the smart decision this time.”

    WTF ?!?!?!?!?! Nobody else is saying it so I will: Can Bryant be a bigger idiot if he tried? So much for that lawyer and all the law enforcement crap he's been spouting. I knew he was desperate to take you down but THIS? This is not the most intelligent decision he's ever made, let's just say that and leave it there.

  4. Bryant: I (card) de (card) clare (card) war (card is a Jack)
    Gen: You (card) de (card) clare (card) war? (card is an Ace)

    Just like that (snaps) it's over.

  5. What does he think he's doing to post about you? That you're name's Gen Xavier? That you're Canadian? What you do for a living? That you like cats? That you like to travel? That volunteer tirelessly for the public domain? Everybody already knows all this and more because you've made no secret of it. Is he hallucinating?

  6. She ain't giving NOBODY up. She wouldn't even give you or Douthit up.
    You want her to move? MAKE HER.

  7. You give yourself away Mister Doesn't Use Pseudonyms Except For Carroll Bryant (because that's not your real name, is it? ) emailing as 24hoursorelse.
    LOL x infinity
    It's annoying and you do this all the time.
    Bully Nation
    Isn't that the term you constantly use for Goodreads reviewers?
    Someone questioned your relevance months ago. You've been in love with that word ever since and use it for self-validation each time you feel insecure.
    All it took was one little lie like your bully friends did to me.
    Sounds exactly like your usual butthurt, word for word.
    The Great GenX
    Very few people squash her name together like that when they talk about her. You do it habitually.
    Post a public apology for all your lies
    Haven't you demanded this several times? You have. which scored you “Apologies for Carroll Bryant”, but you kept demanding it numerous times on your own blog for months now.
    take down every post you made
    You keep demanding everyone, specifically Gen, do this since what – April? Maybe that's not working out so well for you.
    Hand over all the information you have about your Bully Friends,
    Just like you did to Amanda Welling on your own blog when you wanted information about Gen? (Props to you, Gen, for never paying Amanda back in kind.) you promised to leave Amanda alone if she gave you what you wanted but after she met every demand you made, you continued to attack her and still do. What a bargain!
    including the Wellings.
    According to you, you already have their information and insist that the FBI ran the Wellings off the internet at your behest. However, on your own blog you posted a link that shows Amanda saying that none of it ever happened.
    If you already have it, why are you trying to blackmail Gen for it again?
    If you refuse, your information will be posted
    Gen likes spicy food and enjoys hot baths? Will Carufel do the drop and you get to follow up on it as usual, or will STGRB be doing their own dirty work directly for a change? inquiring minds.
    you will finally understand how it feels to be humiliated
    Will your tweets include #winning and #tigerblood now? This was an epic failure. Melissa Douthit/Athena Parker and all the other sock accounts at STGRB must beam with pride.

  8. Tuesday, October 1, 2013
    The Bully Investigation

    No results, no evidence, only lies and threats.

    Thursday, October 3, 2013
    Carpet Bomber #5, JennyJen

    Johnny Be Good
    October 3rd, 2013 at 1:18 pm
    Thanks, Karig. We can do that, too. It’s just that separate shots are the easiest and quickest to do and they load faster.
    After we finish our carpet bombers series, we won’t be blogging much unless there is some major news or if someone requests a post. The way we see it, the bullies lost. We won. And if they start causing any more problems, people can report them to the GR staff or Amazon.
    So, we can all finally get back to our lives. I know there’s a lot of skiing I plan to do this winter. I’ll be in the lodge, thinking of you all and tipping back a beer to celebrate our peace of mind, knowing that the bullies have finally been stopped.

    October 3rd, 2013 at 8:58 pm
    Ah, I’m alittle sad you guys will be wrapping up; I so appreciate what you do. But I’m happy for you that you have acheived such an incredible victory!
    I hope you know how much of a difference you made – how many people you helped! And I’m glad you will get some time off to go skiing! 🙂

    October 3rd, 2013 at 10:16 pm
    Thank you, Anonymous! It was all worth it. As for skiing, not for me. At least not yet. It’s still warm and sunny out here in CA. Not enough snow in Tahoe just yet. 🙂
    Keep in mind that we’re not shutting down the blog. We will be keeping it up as a record and a resource. We’ll also keep it up in case there are requests or any big news that come along.

    October 4th, 2013 at 6:15 am
    Unreal. Horny’s already going off about you guys quitting. She must watch this blog 24/7. You could hop on over to Livermore, Athena, and give her your own personal farewell. 🙂

    October 4th, 2013 at 8:27 am
    Ugh, no thank you! I wouldn’t get within a 15-mile radius of that woman. It’s scary to think she lives that close to me even if it is two hours away.

    This is not a coincidence. It's a marketing ploy. They're trying to get info using an means necessary so they have something more concrete to publish to redeem themselves. They looked like a joke in the press and they've been getting bad publicity from the new BookLikes site. They can't shut you up. You won't disappear. They can't recover from Carufel's attempt to hire hackers and Bryant's stupid is burying them. This email to you was Bryant & Carufel's last ditch effort to get back in Douthit's graces since the Carufel Kerfluffle when Bryant stuck up for him and justified his actions. Douthit couldn't publicly condone any of it and retain her “hero/bully-fighter” image any longer, especially when outing ppl's private info on STGRB like she does. With a new enemy to worry about (BBA Whisperer Angela Horn) they're stabbing wildly for anything to save themselves. They picked you when all else failed. You've heard of death by cop, right? That's what they just did to you. STGRB, Carroll Bryant and Rick Carufel just committed suicide by Gen Xavier. May the Darwin Awards commence.

  9. Uh huh. There's an idiot for you. Boasting about deliberately lying. Boasting about deliberately lying in order to try to hurt someone. No sirree, he's no bully. He's a good guy. Yep. Right. Dumb ass. :p

  10. I agree with the poster who said that Bryant sent the email and Carufel will probably do any drops and they did it to get back in Douthit's good graces after making it impossible for her to operate because of her and their many mistakes.

  11. OMG I was thinking that! They could be emailing this to their past and present victims trolling for more dirt to publish. This makes sense since 1) we've seen them do it (Carroll Bryant to Amanda Welling on his own blog) 2) it was successful (she bought the lies and did it and they all got worse afterward) 3) they brag about having inside sources already (someone's been feeding them info – do they get it this way from past/present victims?) 4) if they did it to Gen they could do it to anyone.

  12. I firmly believe that Carufel has found some numpty to help him 'hack/expose', which is why they are so bold.
    Olivia made a good point about them possibly sending out multiple mails to people.
    I do hope nobody reacts to their obvious scaremongering tactics and by nobody I mean Goodreads users/reviewers/bloggers and people on the Stgrb infamous stalk lists.
    Bryant and Carufel & Co do not realise even now after all this time that Gen has been playing nice and restrained from doing to them as they have done unto others.

    You shouldn't poke the tiger if the cage has no bars.

  13. Just when I think the level of stupidity of these morons could not get any lower (Rickydick's hit hire failure) they manage to discover new ways to sink to ever more spectacular lows. Are they simply stupid or certifiably crazy? What world do they live on? Because they certainly don't live on the world of reasonably intelligent people. The poor fool is so proud of his lies that he can't even keep them straight (a person either is or is not another person, not both at the same time).

    The total disconnect from sane reality just befuddles me. How can he boast about lying yet expect people to believe his lies? How can he boast about wanting to destroy other people yet expect anyone, let alone Gen, to turn over info on the proposed targets? How can he claim Gen is irrelevant when his tiny little simian mind can't stop obsessing about her? How can he boast about humiliating others when every moronic proclamation he makes just highlights his own humiliating stupidity?

    I've met a number of good people on this blog, at Goodreads, and on Amazon. Thankfully the number of good people far outweighs the number of pitifully stupid morons.

  14. If she did it he got the info he wanted, If she didn't he got another reason to scream she's a bully. Problem is nobody's gonna believe him. Can't wait to see how he spins this one. Good luck!

  15. Anonymous04 October, 2013
    If she did it he got the info he wanted, If she didn't he got another reason to scream she's a bully. Problem is nobody's gonna believe him. Can't wait to see how he spins this one. Good luck!

    Somebody's psychic.

    “AnonymousOctober 4, 2013 at 4:16 PM
    Carroll, have you seen this? Gen is now writing fake emails to herself trying to make it look like it came from you or STGRB.


    Carroll BryantOctober 4, 2013 at 4:35 PM
    That's hilarious! I noticed she put in a ton of LOL's. Her many personalities appear to be going to war again with each other. I also saw where she tagged it with my name and STGRB yet nothing on that message indicates that I or anyone even wrote it or sent it to her. Haha That's supposed to be her evidence that I or STGRB is harassing her? LMAO That girl needs some serious mental help.

    While I appreciate the heads up, I am done with GenX. Ever since I posted the .38 Caliber article that shows how GenX lies to her friends and manipulates them, uses them …. I was done with her. She has been proven to be a fraud. Nobody cares about her anymore. She's old news. STGRB pays her no mind, and now, neither do I. Just let her live in her own insanity. The only people who care about GenX is her sock puppets. LOL”

    Well, we knew there was no way to get out of it other than to say “oooh fake emails” so that was a given. After the press has repeatedly used the info on this blog to question/doubt him, Douthit and now Carufel when covering their misdeeds, he'd have no choice but to try to discredit you. Too bad it never works. Though it is entertaining to see him telling himself what a good person he is in those anon comments. Hot mess you are Carroll Bryant.

    But if he's done with you why is he still pursuing Amanda Welling?


    Carroll BryantOctober 1, 2013 at 9:51 AM
    We are all confused when ti comes to psychopathic Amanda. I read her BL post thingy and ….. that girl is effing crazy! Talking like she didn't want to be part of the drama when she effing started it all by stalking me like a crazy bitch. LOL Her and her husband!

    I think it's time for another post – calling out her lies – you know, since people put themselves and their word out there for public scrutiny. Haha

    He has insisted you are Amanda Welling for months, yet on his own blog says he's done with you but going to pursue Amanda. If he really believed that you were Amanda, that would be illogical. It's not illogical, it's only proof that he knows you are not her and this was just a smear campaign to use her bad reputation to discredit you. He knows that you are two different people and these exchanges are a huge admission. He's caught in his own lies again.

    He broke Amanda in public. She's back and now he's afraid because he lied about having the FBI run the Wellings off the internet. I guess that's why he's trying to get you to give him information he said he already had. That kills his credibility and he's stuck in the lies now.

    I think he sent you that email trying to get info he could use on Amanda. He knows she shoved you under a bus and thought you might hand her over. He created a dummy account so if caught he could deny it and Douthit didn't do to him what she did to Carufel. He never thought you'd post the email so anyone could read what he wrote to you and see it's obviously him. You posted it, outing him again, and now he's stuck with it.

  16. Is anyone else surprised by STGRB going into 'retirement' around the same time Douthit's book tour is scheduled? What, can't juggle two at once? She manages to juggle Johnny and Athena.

  17. Hey Carroll! The internet called and they want their “LOLs” back.

    Give 'em hell, Gen! 🙂


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