Delays in Public Domain Releases

Hey there good folks, I wanted to apologize for the delays in public domain releases.

I had about a dozen rather large drives to review and there are more coming in. It seems we’ve been flooded with potential and opportunity but I won’t know what we’re dealing with until I’m done. All the data needs to be moved and housed, reviewed, categorized and assigned before we can even start to work on it.

This will be a slow process but one that I believe is worthwhile. I don’t know what gems await. However, if I have better copies of what’s out there or things that have not been released into the public domain prior but are applicable, it will be business as usual: I intend to donate them to the public domain without condition as I believe such materials belong not to one person or for profit, but to all of us, free and clear.

Thanks for understanding that this is busy work and the reason why I’m not as present as I’d like to be. 

15 thoughts on “Delays in Public Domain Releases

  1. This is amazing news. I hope there's not too much work involved but I have a feeling it's extensive. Thank you for always donating your materials as strictly public domain, without the conditions for use under CC that we see from so many others.

  2. This sounds like A LOT of work. I'd love to know what's involved in it, kind of like a behind the scenes peek.

  3. Behind the scenes? Not the least bit glamorous, I'm afraid.

    Imagine many drives and discs. Each can house many items and all the items. Not all of which are properly labeled, so you never quite know what you're dealing with until you look at it.

    Now imagine having to click on every file in a 700 GB drive. Drive after drive, or disc after disc. I still have drives and about 36 discs waiting. One drive or disc at a time, right? The key is organization or it's easy to lose your place.

    The items that seem valid must then be dated, public domain verified. Each is researched and labelled. Items are then separated into groups, such as “PD Now”. For example, “PD 2016” means to check the items in that folder in 2016 to see if they has been relegated to the public domain or renewed.

    The items in “PD Now” take priority. They must be searched online to see if they are freely available to users from other sources. Those sources must be reviewed. If the copy in my possession is superior in quality or historical value, it will be cued for processing. If the item is not online, it will take front and center as “Urgent”.

    “Urgent” items, taking priority, will be assessed for need. Does it need cleaning? Should it be restored? Does it need to be redone? Does it require reformatting? All information about the item must be gathered (dates, contributors, years, etc) and the item is processed.

    Once processed, an item is scheduled for release. Releases depend on many things, including time of year, or whether or not it is part of a set or group, etc. Honestly, the team and I will be busy for quite some time on the materials we have, but please know that “Urgent” items will be given first priority and we will release as much as we can when we can.

    I hope this was helpful, Karen, and thanks for your interest.

  4. Had no clue there was this much to it, guess I don't think about it when I am watching the videos. /: Thanks for this.

  5. Tyler Durden22 September, 2013
    THIS is what you and GXM actually do? That's some seriously busy shit!

    It doesn't stop there.

    Releases are usually coordinated with several other PD interest groups. They are then promoted (sometimes several times).

    But uploading content can seem like the easy part. Fighting to keep it online is often difficult as well.

    Many companies (and you'd be surprised as to how many of them and who they are) commit copyfraud. They call it false claims or even false positives but it's copyfraud all the same. They try to profit from the public domain even though they don't own the materials and have no legal right to them.

    We dispute every claim. It can be its own full time job. It takes time and resources we don't always have. The only times we've lost is when the cost exceeds what we can afford. We've had hundreds of claims. Various sites. Disputed each. Lost five.

    Not a bad track record for thousands+ releases.

  6. I still have drives and about 36 discs waiting. One drive or disc at a time, right? The key is organization or it's easy to lose your place.

    Gen, the Eternal Optimist.

  7. Gen Xavier22 September, 2013
    You may be quite happy. I think I've tripped across a few more pieces by Segundo de Chomon. It still needs verification so no parties yet.


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