September is National Preparedness Month

Wils (cherose) and I were talking this morning and discussing, amongst other things, that September is National Preparedness Month.

National Preparedness Month is a part of a governmental effort to strengthen the United States’ preparedness capabilities. The national preparedness architecture encompasses prevention, protection, response, and recovery efforts to prepare the United States for all hazards – whether terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Since September 11th, 2001, the US Government has taken steps to encourage all citizens to make their own survival preparations. September was chosen as National Preparedness Month, as the tragedies of September 11th, 2001 highlighted to the nation the importance of being prepared.
from Wikipedia

Now Wils is an all-out prepper. That woman has more gadgets than Skype has the bandwidth for her to show me in a video session. I’m all for this and we definitely bond over these things. I’m what’s considered an EmPrepster (Emergency Preparedness Lifestyler) so this is more than a passing interest we share. One of the first real (extracurricular) friendshippy things I ever did with Wilma was showing her my multi-tool, WWII era Trangia kit and striker. We also have a few members of our group who are into homesteading, home schooling, camping, scouts and wilderness activities.

We thought it would be a great idea to support National Preparedness Month by offering all kinds of articles for our readers to use and add to with comments. Things that would be helpful in all kinds of ways. Wilma let it slip she has some killer homemade recipes (I’m thrilled!) and maybe she’ll share them with us. In the mean time, you and your friends and family can get started by staying informed, making a plan, building a kit, getting involved and including the kids.

Please feel free to add any country or city links below, location specific, so all our readers can benefit from the local information. Also, if you have questions or would like to see certain topics covered, drop it in the comments section. Thanks for taking an interest and getting involved, sharing knowledge and asking questions as we feature and explore all different aspects of National Preparedness Month.

19 thoughts on “September is National Preparedness Month

  1. Please talk about different emergencies and how to handle them like real people and not the typical website stuff. Also, dealing with young children, pets and older adults would be helpful. Thank you.
    A friend from Goodreads

  2. Preppers are crazy until tragedy hits, then we're brilliant.
    Don't be unprepared. Have a plan. Make provisions.

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