Indie Author Rick Carufel seeks to hire Anonymous hackers to ‘destroy’ his enemies?

Not content to express his opinions on his own blog or even comment on the blogs of others, independent author Rick Carufel has now taken to openly posting in the Amazon Forum threads in an attempt to hire hackers to ‘destroy’ his enemies.…

Posted on Aug 27, 2013 6:18:20 PM PDT
Rick Carufel says:
Fear not my trolls, I haven’t been talking to you, but I’ve been talking. Here’s an open letter I’ve sent to every hacker website I could find. Since you are so fond of calling me a criminal I figured I wouldn’t disappoint.

This is an appeal for help. There is a group of stalker trolls who stalk, bully, harass, defame and libel fledgling indie writers with the sole intent of destroying the reputations, careers, livelihood, and dreams of young indie writers.
They reside on and forums. Neither site will do a thing to stop them, they actually shelter, defend and protect these criminals. Law enforcement will do nothing, the ISPs will do nothing.
I am not talking about bad reviews for poorly written books, I am talking about the relentless, serial personal attacks and persecution of indie writers.All these trolls hide behind aliases and that give them the advantage over their victims. To legally go after these destroyers of dreams would be far beyond the fiscal means of most authors. Just the cost of discovering who these people really are is staggering. So I and many other victims of these vicious attack appeal to the hacking community for help.
The trolls use any means possible to destroy young writers and we as writers are forced to do the same. So we need to do to the trolls what they do to us, destroy them. You can go to stopthegrbullies .com and read the horror stories. Please help before these vermin cause a suicide as other bullies have done online.
Breaking Bad Santa 

Pics or it didn’t happen? Here ya go. 

Amazon read this as a direct threat to other forum users and it is my understanding that this matter is now being investigated. However, Mr. Carufel may not be content with the fruits of his labours there, as shown in the screen shots below from a site called Hack Forums.  

To better view a screen shot, please click to enlarge. 

Please note that I did not highlight or draw attention to any portion of these public statements. I wanted each person to be able to take from all of this what they will, without impediment or influence. I was not present in this exchange, or any for that matter, but may the rest of this post serve as an open letter to Mr. Carufel as we apparently have some ground to cover here.  



“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” 

Do those words mean anything to you, Mr. Carufel? 

The official tagline members of Anonymous use is there for a reason. Do you wish to employ them to fight your troll wars for you? Or do you merely attempt to employ a rogue internet mercenary to serve you as your personal weapon? 

This is an interesting hypothetical scenario. Let’s explore it, shall we?  Let’s make believe that someone out there sees any of the multiple pleas you posted, some under your own name or easily identifiable accounts, looking to contract someone to ‘destroy’ the enemies you’ve made in your troll wars. 

What do you think happens next?


Pretend I’m one of those internet mercenaries you’re trying so desperately to employ and let’s mosey down the Socratic Path of No-One-Owns-The-Internet together post haste.

The first thing I do is run a search on you. If this piques my curiosity, I collect information about you. And I read. In fact, I read everything. And I probably share it with my crew. I might contact you to hear what you have to say. If you sound like a butthurt whiner, I probably laugh at you but you don’t know that yet. Then I engage your detractors. You know, those people you want me to destroy? I ask them about you – but the truth is that I probably don’t have to because everything I need will be littered all over the internet. Then I might make a decision about what I’d like do, if anything at all. You know, depending on how bored I am and whatnot. These things tend to be mood dependent. 

Unfortunately, the decision that I make is not always the decision you’d have me make.

In fact, it’s usually not. 

Why? Because you don’t own me. You can’t control me. But you want to use me. My skills are superior and so are my resources. If I get a wild hair up my ass about this, you very well may be at my mercy if I should decide I’d like to punt you across a proverbial football field like a weathered pigskin. And who’s gonna stop me? You? Your whiner buddies partnered in butthurt? I already know you got no chops. You told me so. Let’s be honest, it’s wouldn’t be that hard for me to do whatever I wanted. 

Let’s imagine some of the things you’ve said and done online strike me the wrong way. Maybe I just don’t like your face because you remind me of that old man down the street who bitches at me and my friends when we board past his house. Or maybe I like the hot chick you’re dissin’ shitloads better than you TOGTFO and she was nice to me when I commented on her blog. It could be as simple as the pizza guy shorted me on cheese, it’s that mood dependent, and maybe I decide your backside’s not getting kicked fast enough or hard enough for me after that. 


Anyone with the ability could, in fact, do lots of things simply because someone decided it would be fun to watch you kick and scream about it. After all, you’ve already proven that you’re loud and mouthy, desperate and stupid, everything bothers you, it’s easy to get to you and you scream like an hysterical third grader. 

Or maybe I could decide to buddy up with your enemies and show you why they call me Mister Tibbs.

Or not. Newport, anyone? 


It happens every day. 

People get their emails hacked. Account information is stolen. ID theft is at an all time high. Bank accounts get wiped. Debt piles up in your name using cards you never applied for. We read about it in the news. Shit, it happens, and it happens a lot. Random shit. Crazy shit. Shit that makes no sense. Shit that comes out of nowhere. So who in their right mind would go looking for this shit? 

Apparently, you do. 

Please re-read “Web 101 Survival Skills for the Clueless” immediately and note the chapter on “How Not To Make Yourself A Damn Target” because the brush up would do you some good. It’s just not smart to mess with the hive because you never know what you’re going to get. Ask Boxxi, she can tell you it’s one hell of a mixed bag at best. 

But I wouldn’t want to come off all doom and gloom. It’s not always an AYBABTU scenario. You might find someone who doesn’t mind being used by you to fight your little troll wars. Maybe it’s not beneath them or they just have really low self esteem. It’ll all be hunky dory. Simpatico! Snug as a bug, even. Until, of course, someone bigger comes along, and suddenly you’re Bubba’s New Meat Puppet. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and no one will ever notice or care about this little faux pas at all. 

But it’s not like I’m one of those people you’re trying to hire, right? What do I know anyway? A man so sophisticated and disciplined as yourself has surely thought this all through before ever taking such drastic actions. Otherwise, that would be the apex of stupid, wouldn’t it? 


Fun time over, enough with the hypotheticals. 

This is, bar none, the stupidest thing you’ve done to date for so many reasons it makes Graham’s number look small and quacks backwards in binary. It doesn’t even matter if you put your hand in a blender and pushed the whip button, I promise you the stupid you’ve just committed is far stupider than that.  It takes top spot, possibly netting you a Darwin Award, and not just for hypothetical reasons, either, because there’s nothing hypothetical about what’s actually happened here at all. 

You see, nothing you’ve done here is the behaviour of someone who’s being victimized. 

This is, however, the behaviour of the abuser – someone who is seeking to harm others – which tanks everything you’ve been trying to achieve in your poor attempts to win the hearts and minds of the public over to your revenge movement thus far. 

You have just publicly declared yourself the abuser all over the internet. 

Months and months of hard work right down the toilet. Watch it flush. Why? Because no matter how you swing it, you can officially kiss that victim-fighting-bullies status good bye. You’re trying to contract a hacker hit man to take your enemies out and, as you say, destroy them. 

In one fell swoop, it seems you’ve proved your detractors right. Worst still, you’ve just tainted all your little buddies, too. Down ya’ll go. Swoosh. Gurgle. Gone. 

By the way, if TeamFail kicks you to the curb, you can always apply to the other side. After all, you’ve done such good work for them simply by being your affable, intelligent self that I’m fairly certain they’d at least congratulate and thank you for all you’ve done on their behalf. 


That’s right, I wonder how your buddies like Carroll Bryant and STGRB will take this. 

Maybe you can’t appreciate what a difficult position this puts them in. Need me to spell it out for you? Oh, fine. I really am your best friend today, aren’t I? You’re so lucky I’m liberal, do you know that? Since you folks have such problems with things like logic, facts and evidence, let me break it down for you: They say they stand against all such evils and reviled internet crimes (while over-employing amateur guerilla tactics themselves)  but here you are , one of their own flock, publicly attempting to contract individuals for illegal purposes in order to ‘destroy’ others at your bidding. 

Ouch, that one’s gonna leave a mark. 

They either call you on it, no justifications and nasty-style like they do everyone they dislike who does far less damning things than you’ve done right now, or they blow kisses into the air and wave goodbye to the “we fight bullies, we fight crime!” reputations they’ve been slowly murdering themselves to spin out of thin air for over a year now. In short, you’ve forced all of you into a fantastic ‘put up or shut up’ position and what follows will only be the truth. 

Think you’ll make the shit lists on their sites? 

Do you think they will condemn this (without justifications as it’s bad, wrong and involves illegal activities) as such things are supposedly the epitome of everything they (and you) desperately try to convince others that ya’ll fight against as the self-appointed, hypocritical guardians of all things right and good – or is this moral outrage reserved only for the targeted people who disagree with you, never to be applied to anyone any of you hang out with and endorse in the name of winning petty little internet wars? 


That’s right, little buddy, you’re going down like Courtney Stodden in the backseat and you just took all your little friends with you because there’s no way they can insist they stand for all that’s right and not condemn you, loud and hard. If they even try to spin this to justify the fact you’re publicly pimping for contracts to do illegal crap to other people, they go down even faster and nastier. Your sullied name will make their nasty bully lists any minute now, right? 

Oddly enough, nobody’s holding their breath waiting to see how that pans out. 

But who am I and what do I know? As me and my cleavage gracefully evacuate the position as your brand new best friend (you’ll have to shop for someone else to do your thinking for you from now on and hopefully you’ll have better luck than your comrade Bryant did) I offer you this parting gift of invaluable advice: Anonymous, notoriously independent and often unpredictable, is not your personal army and it would be a mistake to think otherwise. Remember the maid in The Goose Girl? Maybe it’s better to err on the side of caution, especially when calling for the destruction of others. The moral of this story, it’s message and meaning, shines like a beacon. 

Because that’s how fairy tales work, bitches. 


In this missive above I said, “In short, you’ve forced all of you into a fantastic ‘put up or shut up’ position and what follows will only be the truth. ” While I do own an eight ball, I had no idea my words would be so quickly prophetic. Here’s some of that truth I was talking about ….

In his rage, earlier today Carufel announced that he’s now morphed into “Dexter troll” in order to hunt his enemies to destruction by posting their personal and private information on his blog in revenge. So much for hired help, I guess. Good thing I didn’t see this before I made this post. It would have effected my good attitude. Doxxing is never cool. Never done it, never will, and don’t take kindly to those that do. 

Many thanks to Bad Wolf & Company for this screen shot that shows how much damage he’s doing and yet allows the victim privacy. Click to enlarge. 

Don’t know if the rest of you caught this outright lie  but DexCar’s volcanic madness is supposedly because the authorities won’t do anything to help him win his internet war. Interestingly enough, his bully buddy Bryant’s been claiming for months that law enforcement’s all over this like white on sugar cubes and he’s using his personal power with the FBI to run people off the internet. 

Which is it, boys? Make up your minds and stick to a story. Confer with each other before you lie like idiots post so at least your stories kinda sorta of match. Wasn’t this in your Credibility: How to Fake It ’til You Make It handbooks? Bad team work, and it’s back to school for both of you. But let’s not forget the real lesson here according to DexCar: Nobody who stands up to him and his extreme, unethical behaviour’s safe. 

Well, tick my tock. Think he’ll come after me next? Oh, say it ain’t so! Quick, is there a red dot on my shirt? Because I just ate spaghetti and you people know I’m not the most delicate eater.

Just remember to spell my name right, Lynch Mob of One, and ya’ll come back now, ya hear? 


Do my eyes deceive me or is this Carroll Bryant encouraging and endorsing that doc drop in the comments section of DexCar’s post? 

Why, look, yes it is!

Oh and look at that second comment. Isn’t he thoughtful to type out the name of  Carufel’s victim, just in case anyone missed it in the actual post? 

Funny but Bryant goes on and on about how doc-dropping personal information is wrong. In fact, he rails against it on his own blogs and in the comment sections of many other blogs across the internet. You know, while taking every opportunity to use other people’s real life private and personal information? He’s just generous like that, bless his heart. How interesting to note that when it’s someone he doesn’t like, doc-dropping is not only okay but he participates in it. Isn’t it terrific that Bryant’s so flexible with his ethics when it suits him? Damn skippy it is! 

Good thing I didn’t feel the same way when he got doc-dropped all over this blog. Me? I shut the whole blog down. Not because he was a friend of mine. He’s not. Never has been. Not because I felt sorry for him. He’s well-earned the ire others throw at him. But because doc-dropping personal, private information is wrong and my ethics, unlike Bryant, don’t change to suit me just because it feels more convenient at the time. Oh, I’m so weak and pathetic when I stick to my principles, damn it. 

But what does it all mean, you ask? 

Simply put, it means that Carroll Bryant, Rick Carufel and Douthit-as-Parker (and her drawer of mismatched socks) over st STGRB only have morals when it suits them and ethics when it’s convenient for them. When it’s time to do the right thing (or walk the talk they spout) but it might benefit someone they dislike, those pesky ethics and morals get tossed right out the way to make room for all this shady stuff those Caped Crusaders for Crime really like to do. Like doc-dropping. And harassment. And other such nonsense. But who cares about that, right? 

Pay no attention to the jerks behind the curtain and fall in line. Or else. 

STGRB, Carroll Bryant, Rick Carufel –  Devious Darlings of Hypocrisy, Flexibly Moraled and Conveniently Ethiced, Fragile Victims of Butthurt, Wounded Keyboard Warriors – They’re telling the truth, even if they can’t prove it; you just have to take their word for it. But don’t worry, their word is like a hundred pounds of gold. Around your neck and sinking you to the bottom of a fast river, of course. 

Just like the FBI does Bryant’s bidding and runs people he doesn’t like off the internet for him. What? You don’t believe it? But he swears it’s true, all over his blog and STGRB and God only knows where else. You must be a hater. You’re a bully. And he and his Butthurt Bully Buddies will get you for it. 

But they’d never do these horrible things to anyone else. Er, wait. They have. Um, they’ve never done this before.  Oh, darn it, that’s wrong, too. They do it a lot. But wait, just because they’d do it to other people doesn’t mean they’d do it to you.  So you see, you’re safe, just not those other people they single out for illegal activity. I repeat, you are safe, as long as you never, ever tell them that what they do is wrong or speak out against them in any way, that is. 

Because if you do, Carroll Bryant will devote the better part of an entire blog with hate posts to lie about you and defame you, just like he does with me. STGRB will harass and lie about you, then maybe drop your docs. That’s if Ricky over here doesn’t beat them to it. And Bryant? He’ll not only cheer them on but he’ll jump right in and do it too, because that’s what a generous, positive person he really is. 

Righteous souls, every last one of them. You can see it in every word they type and move they make. 

Of course you can trust them. They’d never do this to you, right? Just other people. Select people. But no, never you, dear reader. You’re clearly worried for nothing. Honestly, by the time their hatred and thirst for revenge show even minute signs of tempering off, there won’t be anyone left to help or defend you when they decide it’s your turn on their cheerful chopping block, posting every detail about you and your private life, so let’s all sing Kumbaya and just keep looking the other way instead. 

They depend on it. 

120 thoughts on “Indie Author Rick Carufel seeks to hire Anonymous hackers to ‘destroy’ his enemies?

  1. /
    Then came the bullies and now, the destruction. They are worst than Al Qaeda! (In my book)

    APOS #twitch

  2. Keep PopeHat in mind in case he ever makes legal threats against you. They will go to town on his cowardly ass.

  3. GOT to wonder who these gutless wonders think they are. DexterTheTrollKillerOfTheInternet? puh-LEEEEEEEEEEZE, give me a break. It I hadn't been threatened by CB myself and lied about, I would have had a hard time believe that ANYBODY could be a bigger prick than he is. Just goes to show, doesn't it? It's too bad that the scenario described herewith about the hacker doing *HIM* (and not in a nice way, either: no Vaseline, no tissue, and no kiss, either) hasn't happened. Yet.

  4. @Gen:
    A heartfelt “thank you” for caring and putting effort into our group. You didn't have to do it, and probably took some serious flack for doing so…you are appreciated. (f)


  5. The info they used was removed from Amazon before they could have seen/verified it for themselves. It was posted here first. They used this article's info/screen shots to quote but did not credit this post. Shame on you, Daily Dot.

  6. Honestly, it sounds like this guy watches too much TV and needs to come back to the real world where the rest of us live.

  7. Oh Gen, our darling Gen, please tell me you're doing a follow up post on everything's that's happened as a result of this article. I want you to shove it down their throats how you forced them into submission. Sweetly or lulzy, your choice of course.

  8. STGRB folded. They never recovered from the press this article got and brought, Congrats Gen!

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