Open Learning Initiative: Logic and Proofs

Logic is a remarkable discipline. It is deeply tied to mathematics and philosophy, as correctness of argumentation is particularly crucial for these abstract disciplines. Logic systematizes and analyzes steps in reasoning: correct steps guarantee the truth of their conclusion given the truth of their premise(s); incorrect steps allow the formulation of counterexamples, i.e., of situations in which the premises are true, but the conclusion is false.

Recognizing (and having conceptual tools for recognizing) the correctness or incorrectness of steps is crucial in order to critically evaluate arguments, not just in philosophy and mathematics, but also in ordinary life. This skill is honed by working in two virtual labs. In the ProofLab you learn to construct complex arguments in a strategically guided way, whereas in the TruthLab the emphasis is on finding counterexamples systematically.

Who should take this course?
This is an introductory course designed for students from a broad range of disciplines, from mathematics and computer science to drama and creative writing. The highly interactive presentation makes it possible for any student to master the material. Concise multimedia lectures introduce each chapter; they discuss, in detail, the central notions and techniques presented in the text, but also articulate and motivate the learning objectives for each chapter. For more course details, visit this page.

Open & Free Version
The Open & Free, Logic & Proofs course includes the first five chapters of Logic & Proofs, providing a basic introduction to sentential logic. A full version of Logic & Proofs, including both sentential and predicate logic, is also available without technical or instructor support to independent users, for a small fee.  No credit is awarded for completing either the Open & Free, Logic & Proofs course or the full, unsupported Logic & Proofs course.

To begin the free version of the Syllabus: Logic & Proofs (Open + Free), click here now.

28 thoughts on “Open Learning Initiative: Logic and Proofs

  1. It looks kinda involved. Maybe we can get a group of us up so we don't get lost or something. (Judah?)

  2. Oh no. This has math in it. I am not good at advanced math. if you two do this, can I do it with you? Evenings are best for me. Maybe three nights a week or something?
    Clare, trying to be open-minded and fearless

  3. Obvious email is obvious, I wrote the blog. I want in on this where ever you guys are doing this thing. I got three more who wanna tag. Judah included.

  4. Great, see you there. – Ward


    Oh, Kipling, you must add me to this list. Let's see if Mr. Blake can keep up…

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