Free font helps people with dyslexia read easier.

OpenDyslexic, a free-to-use font created by Abelardo Gonzalez, aims to help people with dyslexia read online content easier.

The open-sourced font features heavily-weighted bottoms to help give letters “gravity,” thus curbing the brain’s ability to rotate characters and make them look like other letters, explains the OpenDyslexic Web site.

The BBC reports that a recent update to Instapaper, an app that allows users save Web pages to read later, included OpenDyslexic as a font option. It has also appeared in word processors, e-readers and been installed on school computers.

Gonzalez, who released his designs in 2011, said he started to project in order to give people with developmental reading disorder a free alternative.” Read more at the Huffington Post.

You can also download  The Open Dyslexic Chrome App to use the font within any chromium browser. To use in Firefox, follow these easy directions.

This post is for my best friend. Thank you for never giving up, and never giving up on me. 

5 thoughts on “Free font helps people with dyslexia read easier.

  1. my sister's mild/mod dyslexic, undiagnosed for years. if this makes things even a little easier for her this is super. maybe this will help her feel more comfy and confident online. this is terrific, thanks! 🙂

  2. I hope this helps your sister read easier and feel more confident. Dyslexia doesn't just effect reading ability. It can effect speech, comprehension, short-tern memory, and self-esteem. About 10% of the population is dyslexic, and 80% of people identified as learning disabled have dyslexia. People who aren't dyslexic don't realize how frustrating life can be. Even driving, cooking, ordering food, making a call or social media can present real difficulties. My best friend is moderately to severely dyslexic. She refers to it as a challenge and I think that's a terrific attitude. 🙂

  3. I was curious to see what the font looked like so I tried the app. Felt like I needed glasses even after five minutes so I removed the extension. Gave me a head ache. I don't know what it's like to be dyslexic but if it's anything like that it's difficult. Great post. Hope the font helps people who need it.

  4. There are other products and applications but they're not free. This is free, easy to install and it works. My nephew struggles with dyslexia. He added the app to his browser and declared it a winner. Great find, thanks for this.

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