72 Hour Bug Out Bag

A Bug Out Bag (BOB, 72 Hour Bag or Go-Bag) is there to get you out of an emergency and help you survive for up to 3 days. There’s a limit to what you can carry, so a 3 day bag’s a good place to start. 7 basic things you may want to consider for your Bug Out Bag are:

1. Water
2. Food
3. Clothing
4. Shelter
5. First Aid Kit
6. Basic gear
7. Weapons

Click to enlarge the infographic, courtesy of Preparing for SHTF. To read more about basic types of gear, head over to Survival Cache’s article. The City of San Francisco offers a handy site Dawn and Gen like called Are You Prepared? It discusses aspects of emergency preparedness and it has a no-nonsense section on how to build a Go-Bag, complete with checklists.

Mike Ash did a great job of showing and discussing the first aid items in this video. You can even see how he packs the items for maximum efficiency. It’s more stuff  than would go in a 72 hour bag but it made me think about what I might need for my own kit. I’d forgotten iodine but added it to my list after watching this.

17 thoughts on “72 Hour Bug Out Bag

  1. I have one of those little first aid kits I picked up at the pharmacy in mine. After watching this video I think it needs an update. LOL

  2. I stayed with Dawn en route to Oregon. She showed me the Are You Prepared site and helped me repack my bag. Wouldn't you know it, I broke down in Eugene and had to have car work done. I was happy to have granola bars, handiwipes and antihistamines just waiting for AAA! She and Gen are into this. Maybe they can do a part two to this called “What's in your bag?” or something. LOL
    Shallah 🙂

  3. I grabbed one of those too but mine is the hard plastic kind. It's a little bulky but easy to grab by feel and I like that it's waterproof.

  4. Dawn's stuff is extensive. Gen's always trying to get her to pare down. It's like Maximum Woman meets Minimalist Girl. Hilarity ensues but it's good to have both perspectives when making plans.

  5. I really like Are You Prepared. “Prepare one Go-bag for each family member and make sure each has an I.D. tag.” They recommend putting copies of house and car keys in there and they have sections for children, seniors and people with disabilities.
    Clare, bookmarking a lot of stuff today!

  6. She sent my son her skull and crossbones one. You would have thought it was The Walking Dead boxed set the way he acted. He wears it all the time. Goofs, both of them.

  7. Thanks, k! Good post Kip.
    Gen, if you have time to go through your BOB (with or without photos) I'd like that a lot. Thanks!

  8. Thanks, Amy. I have a standard mess (not exciting) but I happen to know Gen has a WW2 Trangia (ooohs and aaaahs go here) in her kit. Maybe she can take a picture of it for you or find a video of it online to share.

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