Girls, Boys, Football, and Impure Thoughts

I was randomly surfing for news this morning and I stumbled across this little gem:
“Christian school won’t let 12-year-old girl play football, citing lustful thoughts and the Bible.”

Apparently, 12-year-old Maddy was defensive tackle on her school football team last year. Maddy had begged her mother for years to be allowed to play. Her dad and her grandfather had both played high school football and an uncle had been a high school football coach. Maddy’s coaches loved her and bragged about her ability to hit and take hits. Other people said they looked forward to seeing her play next year.

Unfortunately, Maddy won’t be playing football next year because her school, a private Christian school in Georgia, has kicked her off the team because the “boys might have impure thoughts.” Not because Maddy is not a good player, but because “BOYS MIGHT HAVE IMPURE THOUGHTS!”

Yep. Uh-huh. Sure.

In the middle of a football game, while running the ball down the field, Maddy’s teammates might suddenly be overcome with lust for a teammate wearing shoulder pads and a sweat-stained uniform. Then what? They’ll hump her in the middle of the field while their parents watch?

Come on!

If your 12-year-old boy is so out of control he’ll jump anything that runs by then you (and your Christian school) have more problems than a girl playing football.

But there’s more. According to Maddy’s mom, the school’s CEO is not just worried about lustful boys (and we all know boys – and girls – are NEVER lustful about anything), he’s also worried that the locker room talk might be a bit much for poor delicate Maddy to handle. Actually, he thinks that boys and girls should never compete in any sport and Maddy can just go off and play something else (maybe tic tac toe is tame enough, you think?). But it’s all good because the CEO “prayed” about it and besides they are a private school and can do anything they want (anybody think that last statement is one of the real reasons here?). The CEO says that “men and women are created equal but different” and even adult men and women should not be allowed to play the same sports.

*Insert short page break here while I go stand in the corner and scream and tear my hair out*


What year are we in? Didn’t we fight this battle already? I distinctly remember marching in a couple of marches supporting women’s right years ago. What happened? Hasn’t anyone learned anything? Why the devil is every small minded idiot busy trying to attack and restrict women’s rights?

So a girl can’t play sports with boys because the boys might have “impure thoughts”? Instead of banning girls and hiding them away why don’t you first try teaching boys to control themselves and think of girls as actual PEOPLE instead of just boobs and butts?

Let’s stop punishing girls and women for being girls and women. Let’s teach boys and men to control themselves and treat all people (even those with vaginas) as actual living people.

If Maddy has the ability to play the game (and by all indications she did just great) then she should be allowed to play. She can’t just go off and play football with just girls because (golly gee, surprise!) her school does not have a girls only football team.

I fully agree with this statement from Maddy’s mom (who is a former police officer and knows what she’s talking about):
“If a girl can meet the same requirements as the boys they should be allowed to play. We will not place limitations on our girls. We will teach them to fight harder. We will teach them to take a stand.”

I fully support the right of Maddy and all girls and women to have no limitations forced on them. I believe all girls and women should be judged by their abilities and not just their vaginas.

If you’re interested there’s a petition to ask the school to allow Maddy to play at and a Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Girls, Boys, Football, and Impure Thoughts

  1. Haven't signed it yet, but I will just as soon as I finish this comment. GREAT article, and it points out the gaps in Title IX. That was designed to get separate-but-equal funding for girls' sports teams, and I don't think that anybody at that time ever even thought that a girl would want to play boy's sports. Which, of course, is horseshit. I wanted to be a major league center-fielder, and I know quite a few other women (all of us OLD women now) that wanted to play baseball and football as well. GOOD FOR AMANDA.

    This also brings up another thought: If the private “christian” school that she goes to won't allow her to participate in the sport of her choosing, WHY is she still attending school there? Her parents are obviously behind her, so why is she still there? Bet that she could play football at a public school under Title IX!

  2. Hi cherose! I didn't find any specific reason for why Maddy's family chose to send her to a private Christian school and no indication that they were considering changing to public school. But when I did some more research I discovered that Maddy's home town (Locust Grove, GA.) is very small but that the school (Strong Rock) is huge with very big expansion plans. Maddy's family may just believe this is the best school available. They do seem to have a large athletic program and their girls' soccer program seems very strong.

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