DuckDuckGo is a no-track alternative to mainstream search engines.

Check out the easy guide Do Not Track Us to see how search engines like Google track you when you use them. It also shows you why they do it, and the consequences.

At a time when security interests are paramount, DuckDuckGo also makes recommendations to Fix Tracking, explains Do Not Track, and explains what the “filter bubble” is and how to escape it.

4 thoughts on “DuckDuckGo

  1. Me, too, Cheri. I've been using DDG for a few years now and it's a wonderful service. The links above are straight-forward and helpful, and the “do not track” extensions have been extremely helpful. Great post, SLK.

  2. We've been so concerned about safety and security lately (given the headlines) I can't wait to show my husband this post. Thank you!
    Clare 🙂

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