I’ll do it here.

Dear Readers,

We have received so many emails in the last twenty four hours that I think it might take several days or perhaps a week for us to read them. Because of the sheer number, I am addressing some things here, so please bear with me and grant me latitude.

I have never read any books by Bryant, Douthit or anyone associated with them. I have never rated, recommended or reviewed any book I have not read, media I have not experienced or product I have not used. Prior to the events kicked off by my original article questioning STGRB’s sudden absence from the internet, I have never directly addressed any author, and did not choose to do so until Bryant made many unfortunate and often upsetting appearances on this blog.

I have no stake in this game, as you say, and I am not personally vested. This was never about me. It is not for personal gain. I am trying to do the right thing for the right reasons. Yes, it’s cost me. It’s been rather stressful for all of us at GXM. I did not feel I had a choice. I could not turn my head and pretend I did not see what I saw. Who would I be then? Someone I would not want to know.

I am best known for donating my time, effort, energy, resources and materials to the public domain, its protection and preservation. That remains true today. This is one of the reasons I am so very busy. When I am busy, we have public domain materials to use and enjoy, adding to the rich resources of the people. This is true of most members of GXM. This is what we do, first and foremost.

This blog and its posts are not going away. With each new post, we save this blog. If anything happens to this blog, we are able to move it in its entirety to any location of choice. Currently, we offer moderated comments. That will change if I think another option is more suitable. We do not publish comments that reveal personal or private information. We do not support or condone such things.

I have an account at Goodreads. I am rarely there because I am very busy. I am a member of the BBA group because a very long time ago someone added me so I could read a thread. I do not think I have ever posted there. I don’t have much free time and the only way I ever found my way to the group page is when Cheri showed it to me, and she had to walk and talk me through it. (John tried to assist me at one point but our efforts were truncated and unsuccessful.) I think I am acquainted with three people there, all of whom I knew prior, and I communicate with them outside of Goodreads. My impression of the members in that group is that they are warm people who love books. They seem rather bonded. The group is private. What is said there stays there. Because of this, I will protect their privacy, and this is never open for debate.

Several people were doc-dropped on this blog a few months ago. We shut comments down immediately and contacted the proper authorities. This continued in emails and occasionally still does. I will not confirm or deny anyone’s private or personal information. To do so might endanger them and I am not willing to do this. I will not give anyone Carroll Bryant’s information. I won’t hand over Douthit. I will not divulge the Wellings. I will hand over nothing about Goodreads or its members. I will not divulge the contents of my conversations with the people who have trusted me with their stories –  nor will I reveal sources for information – but I will tell you that anything you read here has been confirmed before it is posted.

I resent that anyone would demand that I hand anyone or anything over for any reason. That anyone would threaten me when I do not meet their outrageous demands makes me angry. That anyone would enact revenge on me for it by plotting to destroy my reputation or have me kicked out of any group because of it boggles my mind. If you try to glean information from me, I will distance myself from you. Your emails and calls will go unreturned. Stop asking me. Stop hinting. Stop pretending to befriend me to get private information. It’s already been tried. They fooled me, used me and took advantage of me. The results were disastrous for them and they still didn’t get the information they were looking for. It didn’t work for them and I promise it won’t work for you, either.

I am one person. I am responsible for what I do and what I say. I am not responsible for the words and actions of others. I am not responsible for how anyone perceives me; I am responsible for what I present and how I represent myself. In my attempt to address current issues by showing that it’s best to bow to the wisdom of greater minds, other people made their thoughts, feelings and opinions known. We closed comments when I agreed with staff that confidentiality was being compromised and I didn’t want to see the ugly comments piling up in queue.

I will continue to work with law enforcement. Information about police reports, investigations or cases is private and confidential; however, I may be available to speak with counsel if need be.

I will go here only because the following information answers so many emails: What happened with the Wellings is most unfortunate. I’m sorry the choices that they have made were such poor ones and (against their own advice and the advice of others, including myself) they chose not to protect or secure themselves when they clearly knew how to do so, in detail, long before they ever chose to acquaint themselves with this blog or its staff. I did my best to advise, assist and support them, and none of what has happened has been my wish. While I realize I may be the only member of staff that is sympathetic to them (and this has put me at odds with pretty much everybody else here) I also acknowledge that current events are the direct consequences of their words and actions, regardless of who they choose to blame.

I want to thank the people at Goodreads who have contacted me over the past six months. Your stories have touched me. I am so sorry that you have endured abuse. If I could change the world by snapping my fingers, I would do it. We know that I can’t (and really if you think about it, no one should have such power, yes?) but I will not break your faith. I will, however, admit that I feel uncomfortable at the thought of participating in the group. I have often thought about trying to communicate there but thought the better of it after certain events I won’t discuss outside the group. These incidents do not make me feel welcome. If I am somehow mistaken in my impressions, feel free to let me know.

I want to thank those few special people from Goodreads. I’m sorry I can’t fully confide in you all the things that have happened here or the things that I have been through. I know it bothers you when you can tell I am upset by something (especially when you can hear it in my voice)  and I know you only want to comfort me but there’s a lot I just can’t talk about. It’s not because I don’t trust you the way you have trusted me. It is because these are not my stories to share; to discuss what happens here behind the scenes would breach a trust. I know it’s been trying at times, these huge gaps in our conversations or unspoken places we just avoid, but please try to understand.

I want to thank the members of GenXMedia who put their personal opinions and beliefs aside, banded together and did the right thing to protect privacy and confidentiality. You are wonderful people and I am proud to be associated with you. I know your experiences for the last few months have often been frustrating. It is difficult when you have access to so much that goes on behind the scenes. I think that knowledge has been a blessing and a curse. Today you showed me who you are and what you’re made of, and I respect each and every one of you for it. I look forward to continuing our journey together.

Let’s keep building things worth having. Thank you everyone and good night.

Gen Xavier

60 thoughts on “I’ll do it here.

  1. I'll back this and I'll make it simple.

    People from Goodreads who behave like grown ups have been treated well by GXM staff members. Arguments they've had with others are arguments had with others. That's how forums work.

    Bigmouths are not taken kindly around here. If you're a BBABM and you post something big-mouth-esque here, you'll probaby get your clock cleaned. Not because you're from the BBA group but because you're a big mouth.

    This is our blog. No one makes you read it and no one forces you to comment. We're not obligated to put any comment through and we're not under contract to pay attention to you, either.

    That said, hello Michelle and G. Welcome.

  2. I'm weighing in.

    I have nothing against any group as a whole. I try to treat everyone as individuals and I will continue to do so.

    In that spirit, Hello G and Michele. Welcome to the blog. If you're from Goodreads, you must enjoy books. We'll be talking about more books in the future. I hope you choose to participate in that as well. Please invite your mature friends to join us here for such things. I would enjoy this.

    Now to the point being made above…

    When moderating, I don't put big mouth comments through but some people do. If you come here talking conspiracy theories or other crazy nonsense, someone's going to hand you your patootie. If you don't want your hiney delivered to you in a basket, don't post crazy stuff.

    In closing, I would like to thank everyone at the BBA and PDL who have been kind and generous with our group. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews about both groups from Gen and I look forward to your participation here.

  3. Gen. Thank you for your very kind words. This is what I and others love about you. In the midst of all this turmoil which is obviously taking up a lot of your time and thoughts, you take the time to nurture someone else's unrecognized “talent”. You are truly a wonderful person. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Gen.

    Thank you for coming over to our group yesterday. You are a wonderful person to take time out at a very difficult time to come and speak with us. I, for one, was very pleased to see you and I hope we see more of you in the future.

    Carlotta from Goodreads

  5. Thank you for singling out the big mouths from any one group in your comments here today.

    I know some people here feel like I lied to you about my positive experiences with the BBA group right now. I didn't. Please remember is takes all kinds to make a group. Michelle and G are proof of this. Good people, and they signed their names. There are more.

    I understand you want to address the big mouths, particularly the BBA big mouths as there have been problems in the past with them and again today. I won't deny you your say on this because I know it's important to you. I just want to thank you for how you dealt with the GOOD people at Goodreads who came here today, Edward, and the rest of you as well.

    Thanks everyone who put your prejudices and grudges aside. They have no place here and, if you're holding on to them, neither do you.

  6. Hi, Carlotta 🙂

    Your timing is perfect. This comment is another good example for anyone who holds grudges or prejudices. They only have to read your words to know it's time to drop them.

    Please stay in touch.

  7. Anonymous15 June, 2013
    @ Edward I am a BBA member NOT a BBA BIGMOUTH and I resent this.

    Read my post again. It starts…


    Not a BBA Bigmouth? Go have a cup of tea and listen to NPR. The Pope says peace be with you and so do I.

    If you're not a BBA *BIG MOUTH* this post doesn't apply to you or any other BBA member. Just the BBA BIGMOUTHS.


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