The wisdom of my betters.

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
Winston Churchill

Yes, here it is, and it’s not going away.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world what you fear he might say.”
Tyrion Lannister (A Clash of Kings, pg. 229)
George R. R. Martin

I’ve always preferred the uncensored version of people. It allows me to form better conclusions about them, including who to avoid and why.

81 thoughts on “The wisdom of my betters.

  1. I have a pretty good idea what you know and I have to say if she did this shit to me I would sing like a fucking canary. Either you have some serious self control and discipline, or you're a Buddhist monk.

  2. Dear Carroll Bryant,

    I think you can safely assume that Gen is not Amanda Welling.


    Me, making the understatement of the year

  3. Those who speak with me privately are often afforded my confidence. I do not own the words and actions of others, I own what I say and do. Stop pounding this button and move on.

  4. For those of you not in possession of a decoder ring here's your translation: I'm not bending to anybody's bullshit so fuck off before I permanently close comments.

  5. After all this and you still don't spill like the Exxon Valdez? You got SERIOUS integrity.

  6. There are two sides to every story, and much like many, admittedly in these comments alone, view Brian’s articles/comments and see one story and then come to this blog and view another part of the story, the same is happening with my wife. Will this piss off GenXPose’s followers, GenX, and Cheri? Probably? Will this comment get published? I don’t know. But there is always another side of the story.

    As Gen has said from the beginning, she wants Bryant to be held accountable. Hence her crusade with such articles on this blog. But Gen is well insulated. She’s seen to that herself. Finding her real information is difficult. She uses various techniques to ensure that her information isn’t discovered.

    There was a side effect to Bryant being held accountable. My wife was thrown into the mix. She’s been given a bad name just because association. And yes, it is something to worry about. Gen can, and does, easily post information and articles on this blog. She can do so because of how well insulated she is. Many Gen praise because of the information she puts out. And I’m not putting that down. But she can do so without fear of repercussions. Many others don’t have the same liberty to do as such.

    My wife is one of those. It’s been obvious that, for whatever insane reason, Bryant feels that my wife is GenX. We all know she isn’t but he lives in his own fantasies that he is so entrenched in. We have been trying to figure out how to resolve this by ourselves for some time. That email and those comments my wife has made were last attempts. Obviously it hasn’t worked.

    Many of you claim that my wife through Gen to the wolves. I’m positive Gen and others do as well. But the fact is she didn’t. Again, Gen has herself well insulated to protect herself. The email headers contain no personal and relevant information. The words themselves in the email do not give any other clues as such. The email provider itself is from a free provider. I don’t want to go into all the ways that Gen protects herself, but both she and I damn well know that she has nothing to worry about.

    Let’s also address the comment about her being a Canadian? Again, she is well insulated. That gives no relevant information even if it is real. For all we know it’s fake. There is reasonable evidence to prove she may or may not be Canadian either way.

    There is always another side of the story. We do not want to be associated with GenX. We do not want those repercussions that go along with it. Yet we have been both forced into that scene and we have not been able to back out of it, as much as we would like to. Before anyone starts criticizing as such, why do people post under an anonymous tag rather then their handles? Gen, and others, may feel stabbed in the back or hurt, but they will not see any repercussions from this either way. Their names will not be tarnished. They will suffer no ill effect.

  7. Everyone knows that Gen helped and supported Amanda. What they don't know is why Amanda turned on Gen. Amanda turned on her when Gen would not give out private information about others or do what she wanted, including Gen not “removing” Bryant or STGRB but holding them accountable. Gen wanted fairness but Amanda wanted them gone and thought Gen was the perfect instrument for it.

    I know for a fact that when Gen saw proof that Amanda lied to her after the doc drop crisis, she put distance between them but never turned her back on Amanda. When she could no longer manipulate Gen, Amanda began a private war that Gen ignored and took no part in. Gen even remained friends with her husband when he contacted her for help and support, unaware that his wife didn't know he was talking to her. (Pissed off your husband talks to people without your knowledge, Amanda? Take it up with your husband and stop blaming other people.)

    Amanda brought her personal vendettas into a private group and tried to get Gen kicked out to get rid of her in case she told people what really happened. (Which she never did. She never said a word there.) When called out on her vendettas by those who were suspicious of her, Amanda left in a dramatic play (more than once) eventually starting a campaign to get a moderator there fired for calling her out on her drama. (Amanda, you didn't feel safe or supported? How the hell do you think Gen feels right now? You're a hypocrite and I'm done being played by you.)

  8. Now I want to talk to a certain group of people (you know who you are) and I hope for your sakes you're paying attention to every word I say.

    Gen is a member of that group. You watched Amanda throw her to Bryant, a man she's supposed to be terrified of because he's a dangerous person who's capable of anything according to her. She told him everything she knew about Gen and even gave him private correspondence because he gossiped about her on the internet. (WTF. Seriously. WTF.)

    Instead of using a removal service or working with any established means, she said “You'll leave me alone if I give you Gen? I'll give you everything I got if you just leave ME alone” and she did it. It's all over Bryant's blog in the comments. He even posted the emails she sent him. Because of Amanda, this man (who we have all watched hate on Gen for six months for) now knows more about her, including where she lives. (Not repeating the country or location here for safety purposes.)

    Let's talk facts here. Amanda put herself in harm's way. She posted from her own accounts for a year, advising against this on her own blog prior to any of these events. She ran to Gen in tears for help when STGRB almost outed her. She did not take Gen's advice to secure her social media accounts during that threat when Gen was helping and supporting her. She even lied to Gen about it! In fact, her information is still visible to the public today.

    (Amanda, this is why I don't believe anything you say anymore. If you were so afraid of him you'd never antagonize him using your name knowing your information was visible to the public and you could easily choose the proper settings to make it not visible. Right there, you're just a trouble maker and I can't stomach anymore.)

    The result? Amanda just potentially endangered another person with the hope of saving herself from being called fat on the internet or having her marriage made fun of. This had to be the biggest WTF moment that's gone down since all this started and if the rest of you don't think so there's something seriously wrong with you.

    I have watched a lot go down. It's like it's okay with people that it only happened to Gen because some of you don't feel all warm and fuzzy about her. What's wrong is wrong and honestly shame on all of you for it. (I'm a minute from kissing all of you good bye over this. Your excuses make me literally sick to my stomach.) I guess you need it to hit closer to home before you think it's important.

    If she did this to Gen, someone who helped and supported her and never said a bad word about her all this time, what might she do to YOU? Think she knows details about you and your lives? What if Bryant calls her fat again? What if he says “Hand over (pick somebody) and I'll leave you alone”? because you've all been nastier than Gen ever has and he's got a list. Think Amanda would hand you over just as fast because he said she had a bad marriage on the internet? If she did it to Gen, she'll do it to you. I don't feel safe anymore and it's not because of this blog, it's because of Amanda Welling.

  9. Cheri, you said you're moderating comments. You're a really smart lady and I know you know there are people reading this blog who should read this. If you need to confirm who I am before posting this I understand. I've spoken with AreaFive before and he can tell you I'm sincere in everything I say.

    Last a word to Gen. You've been a tough person to get a feel for over the last six months. I've spent a good deal of my time reading and rereading your words here. I want you to know that you don't deserve any of this and I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can't imagine how I'd feel if someone did this to me and I don't want to find out.

    I did some homework and you're the real deal. I'm really impressed with your work. You seem like such a generous person and I wish I knew you better. You probably don't ever want to be friends with me because of my associations but I wanted you to know that I'm sorry I misjudged you. I was wrong and I hope you can forgive me. I'm sorry it took this long for me to say any of this. I'm sorry if I disappoint you by not posting from my own account. I'm hoping that you'll understand that I'm just afraid. I don't want to be another target. Thank you for everything (and I do mean everything) and my only regret in posting this is that I didn't do it sooner.

  10. Yeah, it's okay to be a douchebag to somebody else when other people gossip about your weight or say you have a bad marriage on the internet. Oh noes! Maybe Gen will help your cause and send Bryant proof she's not your morally deficient wife. It would serve you both right.

  11. This made me cry. 😦
    Thanks for telling the rest of the story. You may not think you're very brave but I do.

  12. Jon, hearing you try to justify this breach of trust just turns me inside out. It's never okay to hand someone else over to save yourself, regardless of what you think of their circumstances, especially someone who's been good to you even when you were not so good to them. I was on the fence before but I'm not anymore. Gen's taken the heat for all your wife's mistakes and never said a word other than to defend her. You and your wife owe her a huge apology but I doubt either of you are big enough people to sincerely deliver it. I can no longer think well of either of you.

  13. Jon Welling; Gen being well insulated does not negate the fact your wife didn't care if Gen was insulated or not. Thank goodness Gen has the smarts enough to have insulated herself, unlike your wife, and your wife knew that, as she posted an article on her blog on how to stay well insulated online. Having said that, to say it is alright to throw Gen into the lion's den because she is more insulated than your wife is beyond unethical and not excusable. Your wife was NOT thrown into the mix, as you say, she took to at least one of the several blog, (including commenting on CB's own blog in her own name) and Twitter accounts both of you or her own to bander about on Carroll Bryant, starting in 2012. That is long before GenX ever came into the mix. So, in life it's called a choice. I believe in free will, you make choices. She chooses hers freely, she is not a zombie with shit for brains. If you didn't want to be associated with GenX and the so called repercussions that go along with that than why, oh why, did you and your wife reach out to Gen in public on this blog, crying on Skype needing help to cover your asses when it was both of you who threw said asses out there to begin with. Just a few days ago, I myself, tested Google in relation to both of you. The Wellings are pages long on “easy” Google searches. I am not a detective by any means, however, the search was easey peasey. I found more information in a few search pages than any other person I have ever known before. I was amazed and horrified at just how much personal information was within easy reach. Now, most will think this information was related to their interactions with CB. You would be wrong. 99.9% of the info came from the Welling's themselves. Personal things they put on their multiple Facebooks, MySpace, Twitter…etc. Things I will not go into detail about. Gen not suffering any ill effects? Gen more insulated? The victim card does not belong to you or your wife, don't go there.

  14. I'm also on comments today and I think it's time to clear a few matters before we proceed any further with your fiasco.

    I want you to know, John and Amanda Welling, that I'm not putting your other comments through and advise Cheri to follow suit. Albeit we are limited with Blogger features and can only see a paragraph or two of longer comments, I find that both of you are talking out of turn about the private BBA group on Goodreads, people in that group and what has happened there.

    If you want to disclose personal or private information about others or happenings at private groups, or break confidentiality and trust in any way, you're going to have to do it on your own social media because I'm not having it here and you will find every member of this staff backs that decision without hesitation.

    Furthermore, I believe Rita's sentiments to be correct in that you have forfeited the privilege of having a voice here.

    I have read Cheri's rebuttal to you, factual and true, and I will warn you only once. Having spoken to AreaFive on this subject, he told me that if you should attempt to further extort Gen or any member of this staff that he has every conversation, log and recording that has passed between you, your wife and our staff. If you should persist in your attempts, he will (and I quote) “happily oblige you with facts you never want to come to light, including who's behind the upset Gen's being blamed for instead.”

    Gen has been silent and unwavering in her confidence with you. She is slowly being outvoted by members of this staff, so I advise you to tread very carefully from this moment on. Not only has she protected your confidences, she has told me in no uncertain terms that she will protect the privacy and rights of those that confide in her as well as that group and everyone in it, regardless of how she may feel about them, on principle.

    If I were you, I would not push her into having to make any decisions on such matters. In fact, you're rather pushing your luck with me today and that is not a good idea by any means.

  15. “I'm so sorry this is happening to you, Amanda. I don't know why you've confided in me or asked me for my help, but I will do everything reasonably possible to assist you. Please don't cry.”

    Does this ring any bells for either of you? It should. That's how Gen responded to your manipulative tears. I know because I'm listening to it right now.

    Does that upset you? Perhaps you forgot this.

    “Would it be all right if I shared our conversations with other staff members? All information will be held in as much confidence as possible.”

    “Yeah, that's fine.”


    “Thank you. It's difficult to remember all the details in a conversation and I don't want to get anything wrong or do unintentional harm. We record our information for this reason.”

    “I understand.”

    Does that sound familiar to you as well?

    Gen might be Zen but I'm not. If you continue to attempt to extort or blame her in any way for your fuckery, I will respond by breaking your confidences in return so people will know exactly who's really to blame, even if Gen doesn't talk to me for a year afterward because of it.

    Incidentally, if you ever go after John Green on this blog again, I'll take it is a personal invitation.

  16. There was a status update on GR that has since been deleted, but it said something to the effect that Amanda wondered about the loyalty of the BBA group. This is just me, but I have no nefarious, secret-squirrel motivation to ever hurt Amanda.

    I HATE that she chose to go the easy route, and basically sold out people to make sure she was SAFE. Jon, your wife posts under her own IRL name…it isn't wise, not recommended, and basically a bit foolish. A person can find info on an anon poster, but it takes some effort. Please don't blame the world for the poor choices that were made.

    I am a member of the BBA group, but don't speak for said group. My take on things is that your wife is blaming everyone around her without any regard for history or the fact that she has been supported. It is quite sad that the fall-out includes a frickin' shit-load of people who have supported her. JMHO.

  17. Dear Readers,

    There are certain comments made to this blog that will remain unpublished. I support my moderators decisions to not put those comments through for the reasons they have stated.

    After reviewing the comments in question, I feel they break the confidentiality and privacy of another group. If anyone has concerns for their privacy, I advise taking reasonable measures to err on the side of caution to secure themselves.

    I will state this, and I never want to have to say it again: Information given to me in confidence is protected. Unless you have a court order, forget it. That means everyone. This includes Carroll Bryant and the Wellings, too. Rules for one are rules for all, or they apply to no one.

    I ask that people please reconsider their words and actions, to behave ethically and responsibly, and treat each other with the same respect and integrity they would enjoy from others.

    Thank you,

    Gen Xavier

  18. Gen, I cannot imagine the stress you've been under. Your position is unenviable. I respect you immensely for standing by what you believe, no matter how ill the consequences have been for you. You truly walk with the Lord. May God bless and keep you.

  19. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their support and outrage on my behalf. As a member of this group, as anyone would in any collective, I enjoy a measure of protection as a matter of course. And it’s greatly appreciated.

    That said, none of this about me. Any involvement I have in this is incidental and collateral, and not germane to this blog per se. The tragedy of it all, like all tragedies, is that this whole scenario is completely avoidable and unnecessary… and still could end immediately if so desired.

    It’s also not about this blog. This was merely the place it all happened. For whatever reasons, those involved have chosen to escalate matters and as a result are too deeply vested in the outcome to back off. That’s their dilemma, not anyone else’s. The problem, as evidenced, is that they’re attempting to drag others into the fight like a WWE cage match, and failing. Or succeeding, just not the way they’d hoped.

    My initial reaction, as Paul McCartney said so simply and eloquently, is- Let It Be. It’s their problem, it’s their fault. I personally have no worries or concerns about anything either camp says about me because they can’t do me none. One party is a known commodity and the other has shown themselves to be false. Neither is concerned about the well-being of anyone aside from themselves, yet cry foul at the merest hint of reciprocal behavior, no matter how well deserved.

    Groups are made of individuals (in case you didn’t know). Individuals make their own decisions. Not all decisions will be in accordance with the group’s purpose- meaning that the many may make a decision that the one will not agree with, and vice versa. At that point, the choice becomes to abide by the decision, remove yourself from the group or act independently. The ethics displayed for the benefit of these folks are not reflected in return. But they should be prepared for the eventuality when the decision is made, individual or group, to no longer exhibit them as well. And should that happen, what was sown will have been reaped… or you can use your own applicable cliché; the end result will be the same. Only this time there won’t be anyone to turn to for help.

  20. Amanda, if you're so concerned about how you look to potential employers on the internet, you should have taken your own advice on how to stay anonymous and safe on the internet in the blog article you wrote in July 2012. I have screen shots of this article before you edited it to exclude reference to Bryant. If you'd like a copy I'll upload it and post a link here for you.

    Gen didn't put Bryant on to you. You did. You went over to his blog using your real name back in July of 2012 before you ever met her. When he refused you, you wrote the article about him. You then proceeded to tweet about STGRB and CB for months. When you found this blog over half a year later, you were all over it like ants at a picnic. Using your real name. Connecting to social media that showed your private information to the public due to the settings you chose. You know, even though you wrote that lengthy, smart article advising never to be controversial on the internet using your real name? Yeah.

    Do I understand correctly that when STGRB went after you, threatening to doc drop you, Gen counseled you and your husband to remove any public information from all your social media accounts? Another poster below says you told Gen you did this. Like Cheri, I found all your information in less than five minutes. Not from Bryant or STGRB but from you and your husband's public social media accounts. I have those screen shots too if you'd like them and they have handy time/date stamps for easy reference.

    You blame Bryant for blackmailing you into handing over information about another human being because you were supposedly terrified of him, so that makes it okay. The reality is that you were upset that he posted that you were fat, had a bad marriage, called you liar and made fun you. When no one responded with outrage, you upped the ante by using the excuse that you were job shopping.

    If you were really afraid of him or concerned about your internet presence in regard to jobs, you would never contact him with your real name connected to accounts you made your private information public on. But you knowingly and willingly did this for a YEAR so stop blaming other people. It's no one's fault but yours. The only thing you're really upset about is that you got busted for being the trouble-making drama queen that you really are.

  21. Jon Welling13 June, 2013
    “There was a side effect to Bryant being held accountable. My wife was thrown into the mix. She’s been given a bad name just because association.”

    OMFG I just read this and lost my shit. Do you really think anybody's going to believe this? Like were; clueless or don't have eyes or something? Your wife was NEVER “thrown into the mix”. She's been engaging CB since July of last year using her real name connected to her accounts that publicly show her private information.

    This is NOT Gen's fault. She's the real victim here, not you or your wife. Bryant's been all over her since his first comment here. He's called her every name in the book and accused of everything short of murder. I'm sure six months of that is stressful beyond belief. I don't see Gen handing anybody over, do you?

    And what's up with this “she's well insulated” shit that somehow makes any of this okay in your demented little minds? I never thought I'd say this but when Bryant kicks your asses, I will cheer for him because both you and your nasty wife deserve it.

  22. “Many of you claim that my wife through Gen to the wolves. I’m positive Gen and others do as well.”

    You nasty, nasty piece.

    We watched your wife do it in abject horror. What a fucking treat. The only thing you and your wife should be posting is APOLOGIES OT GEN for the sick, disrespectful way you've treated her.

    I wanna smack you for accusing anyone at GenX of handing people over the way your wife did. You're positive? How dare you! I hope you're the first volunteer they hand over.

    Now you two are trying to post shit about BBA group here? Fuck this, I am done with you.

  23. Wait.

    I'm supposed to feel sorry for you and your wife because she's been willingly posting drama from accounts using her real name that are connected to other accounts that she allowed to show her personal information to the public when she writes a post advising others not to do this and how to avoid it and when she gets called out for a year's worth of drama by someone no one likes you blame Gen?

    *rereads Jon Welling's post again*

    Stay married and spare two unsuspecting people the heart ache and expense of divorce because you're both asswipes.

  24. AreaFive13 June, 2013
    If you continue to attempt to extort or blame her in any way for your fuckery, I will respond by breaking your confidences in return so people will know exactly who's really to blame


  25. Hello, Jon Welling, we meet again. My name is Ash and I'm not just any bastard, I'm Ash THE Bastard.

    I just wanted to drop by and formally introduce myself since I'm one of the people you owe your debt of thanks.

    I've been reading comments all over this blog, starting with this row of pearly pieces

    and then this precious little gem here

    “I would appreciate it if you took my name off of this site!”


    “That email and those comments my wife has made were last attempts. Obviously it hasn’t worked.”

    Pshaw, I'd say it worked just fine.

    “We do not want to be associated with GenX. We do not want those repercussions that go along with it.”

    You mean when it suits you, right? Lemme take care of these pesky problems for you right now with one little public service message…


    You two have a nice life now, ya hear?

  26. This is an open letter to Jon and Amanda Welling.

    I am the mother of one of Gen's friends and she is the daughter I never had.

    I can always rely on her to do the right thing. She's never bowed to peer pressure. I never had to worry about her. She's very responsible, never drank or did drugs. A beautiful girl with a wonderful personality, she's one of the best friends my son ever had.

    When my son killed himself, she helped make his arrangements when I couldn't even feel my feet. When I lived in a fog, she provided food, money, paid my bills for three months and called me every night if only to read me the news so I would hear another human voice.

    She volunteers her time to help make sick children's dreams come true. She hosts annual fund drives for the homeless. She donates entire collection to the public domain. She campaigns for human rights and works tirelessly to make other people's lives better.

    I'm telling you all of this so you know exactly who it is you have betrayed. Rather than shame you, may it inspire you both to follow her example and become better people.

    Mrs Sheehan (Stephen's mother)

  27. Anonymous13 June, 2013
    Cool story, bro.

    Right after AreaFive reminded them that he has records of all their activities, Amanda Welling finally took some of her accounts offline. Here's the original post the way it appeared for almost a year, before she recently edited it for Carroll Bryant to sweeten the deal to leave her alone and gun for other people instead.

    As of July 25 2012 Amanda Welling was extremely aware of how to be safer online, outlining everything from advice on how not to get caught to the artful necessity of the online alias.

    She didn't do any of it but created drama for a year. Bryant busted her fuckery. She blames other people and bus-tosses them. She sends her husband over here to spin a stories for her. He gets his ass handed to him for lying.

    Weee, everybody's caught up now!

  28. Ho ho ho! NICE FIND BRO

    Bryant's gonna eat this up like cookies and milk left for Santa but I wonder how the Goodreads folks are gonna feel?

    Maybe we'll get an extra special treat in our stockings and Jon and Amanda Welling will come back over her to spin more reindeer crap.

    Guess I'd have to huff and puff and – hey, we could find out if bumbles *really* bounce…

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