Stemming The Tide, Plugging The Leaks

I was gonna let this go, but after the high of the Book Expo was offset by a bunch of crud that happened this week, I’m not.

Yet again, the issue of Badly Behaving Authors rears its head.  And like a hydra, the heads of the monster tend to be Self-Published Authors- when one goes down, two more sprout up to replace it.  (Names omitted to prevent giving these folks any play whatsoever)
Some days it just don’t pay to get up in the morning.

There’s this one sci-fi book about DNA manipulation that a reviewer pointed out several critical and basic errors the author made regarding how DNA works.   The author responded in her blog by telling the reviewer to go away, she didn’t want readers like them and since it was fiction- YA fiction, no less- she didn’t care how DNA worked.

Another author who wrote a PNR/UF trilogy, poured heart and soul into it, and watched it sink like a lead zeppelin.  To raise some quick cash, she wrote an erotic romance…  which naturally sold like gangbusters.  This royally pissed her off, and she went so far as to belittle everyone who bought the smut and ignored the “literature”.   Even while happily cashing dem checks.
One guy is such a sociopath he openly bragged about clocking the IP address of everyone who visited his site, so he could stalk them if need be.
One author was upset about receiving a 1-star rating for their book before it had published, and became further incensed that Goodreads wouldn’t allow them to see the person’s name so she could give them a piece of her mind.
One dude is convinced that practically anyone leaving 1-star reviews on Amazon & Goodreads are in cahoots with the big publishing houses to crush self-published authors and should be charged with cyber-terrorism under the statutes of the state he lives in.

The SFWA (Science Fiction Writers of America) is in the midst of a big ol’ dustup regarding what some long-standing, highly regarded male members had to say about women being in the group.

Finally, there’s this woman who wrote an anecdotal book about survivors of domestic abuse and spammed it all over Goodreads and Twitter, to the point where she got banned from GR and warned on Twitter.  Her rebuttal was that she didn’t know she’d violated any rules, and was only aggressively promoting her book for a good cause, so it was ok anyway.

What do all of these have in common?  A river in Egypt.
These are the ones who’ll be the first to shout about Freedom of Speech from the virtual rooftops of the internet, yet are quick as lightning to want to deny anyone who disagrees with them similar privileges.  Why?  Because they don’t believe there should be any consequences for their actions.  They can say it, but it doesn’t represent them or who they are… and you should still buy their book, regardless.  It’s just a bunch of words, text across a computer screen- hell, the shit ain’t even real!  They don’t see how they should be held accountable for what they’ve said and done.  They’re not people- they’re AUTHORS!  They’re special (yeah, you got that right).   The rules only apply to us plebes, not patricians like themselves.  Every word they utter slices the air like a laser beam, etching itself into the stone tablet of your consciousness, imprinting your psyche with its greatness. 
Unless you reject it, and then you’re a shit-for-brains, moronic, illiterate sheeple who’s also jellus of their status and success az riterz, and can’t be happy unless you’ve dragged them down to your level.  Bullies- every one o’ youse.
‘s alright- the higher you climb, and all. 
How to fix it?  Other than a real life game of Whack-A-Mole (a nice visual), I’ve no idea.  The problem seems deep-rooted, stemming from some blend of entitlement, narcissism, failed HS English, and maybe even a lack of medication.  But I do know that not standing firm, not resisting the tide- even it’s no more than poking your finger in the hole in this one part of the dyke- isn’t an option.
Not the best representation, but you get the idea.
 Right, GenXpose?

One thought on “Stemming The Tide, Plugging The Leaks

  1. “The problem seems deep-rooted, stemming from some blend of entitlement, narcissism, failed HS English, and maybe even a lack of medication.”


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