GenXMedia Makes A Splash and Patrick Brown Layin’ It Down

First day of the BookExpoAmerica over at the Jacob Javitz Center here in NYC, and it went pretty doggone good.

Mostly it was what you’d expect from a trade show- celebs, VIPs, tons of free shit.  GenXMedia made out like a debutante- interest in our work ranged from curiosity to wholehearted approval.  GenXMedia like a muthafuka, y’all!  Gotta print more business cards in the morning. 

For me, though, the highlight came when Patrick Brown- of Goodreads nee Amazon fame- gave a presentation called Goodreads 201: How to Successfully Market Your Book on Goodreads.  Lots of good info there, I must say.

Patrick Brown holding forth for Createspace/Goodreads.

Now don’t get me wrong; I still have problems with Amazon’s takeover of Goodreads, but Brown adamantly declared that there would be no porting over of reviews or merge of their ratings systems.   Make of that what you will.

During the Q&A I got to ask him about the spate of BBA behavior on the site.  Not surprisingly, he was not only well aware of the problem, but also familiar with some particularly abrasive individuals- none of whom he’d name, nor did I press the issue.  Though he categorized their presence as a whole to be minimal, if not negligible, it was still the type of behavior that couldn’t be allowed on the site.

Goodreads remains a place for readers, and will always side with them as the situation permits.  They will continue to have a very liberal policy regarding reviews/ratings (as it’s tied into their business model).  Contrary to ridiculous, enablist, conspiracy rumors, GR doesn’t make money off authors or book sales per se; they have other revenue streams.  As a reader- your shelves are your business; however you categorize what’s on them is up to you. And as the young lady pictured stated, 1-star reviews worked to her advantage because it makes the 3,4,5-stars seem more legit.  That’s right, kids- it balances them out.

Authors need to realize this, and leave well the fuck enough alone.  And those who don’t, and continue to harass site members for these imagined, insubstantial slights can and will be dealt with.  Believe it.

Even as far away as Ohio.  And Minnesota.

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