Quicksand and Chinese handcuffs

Enough with the begging, pleading, false dichotomies, threats, bad cold war analogies and poor attempts at straw-man logic – I get it. You wish every article that’s ever been written about your various exploits would disappear – and demanded this on many occasions lately – and it’s killing you that you can’t manipulate, threaten, bully, trick, bluff or force others to delete the evidence of your messes from the visible internet in your unsuccessful attempts to rewrite history during those frantic-moth efforts for damage control.

Perhaps you’ve finally realized the impact of what I told you early on, the internet never forgets. You ignored this and now you’re finding it difficult to live with the consequences of your actions. Rather than take ownership of what you’ve done, you’re busy blaming everyone but yourself. Which, by the way, is exactly why the situation owns you instead. Speaking of owning you, there’s no blog you hate more than this one, with so much evidence recording your misdeeds all in one convenient place. Unfortunately for you, no one is rushing to pull their articles, and neither are we. This blog is here to stay.

Although the wisdom may seem wasted, I’ll share it all the same: the only person within your control is you. While it’s usually good news for most of us to be reminded that we make our own choices, I suspect you may not find this comforting. The words probably seem ironic, as in the way of quicksand and Chinese handcuffs, so I’ll just wish you luck instead and get back to the business of living a beautiful life.

4 thoughts on “Quicksand and Chinese handcuffs

  1. Although the wisdom may seem wasted, I'll share it all the same: the only person within your control is you.

    Your words are wasted, he can't control himself and he is quickly escalating.

    We're talking about a man who handles rejection so badly that he rages at teenagers regularly over a year's time because they did not review a book. This is an adult who admits to having age-inappropriate relationships, refers to women in derogatory terms, uses racist remarks like vinegar on chips, and confesses to throwing heavy objects through windows when he is angered.

    This is someone who taunted he had evidence of serious criminal activity that he did not give to law enforcement but instead wrote a blog post stating he would “give evidence to the newspapers” so he could become famous.

    He litters the internet with threats. He has made hate blogs about you. He has tried to get you alone several times. He has attempted to isolate you. He continuously threatens you. He is aggressive and violent. He says he is armed. He admits to regular dealings with law enforcement and he has publicly threatened to shoot police officers.

    It used to take him a few hours to respond. Now it only takes mere minutes for him to react. He's produced yet another dysfunctional piece that not only attempts to employ the same old failed subterfuge but issues several threats against you. It's not one whit to do with anything you've actually said but (ironically enough) his four-page incoherent rant proves the very point you made so well above.

    My concern is for you, and I have no qualms making it public, and for any of the victims he targets and pursues. This man wants to be a headline and I'm not sure he cares much how he accomplishes it.

  2. This guy just will not shut up about you. He is STILL posting shit about you, stretching it out and lying through his teeth, trying to ride your popularity for ratings of his own. You haven't written a post that includes anything about him since May (this one) and it's flippin August and he's still hell-bent on greasing his hate blog with every lie he can think of about you. Never EVER take this blog down. It kills him that anyone can come here and see real evidence that he actively bullies and hates, including lying, changing his stories, creating hate blogs against you and others, and every nasty thing he's said and done. Great job.

  3. It's going to be December soon. No one's written about Carroll Bryant since your (much too kind) post here and he still rages about you.

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