Google Thinks It’s Omnisomething

I’m tired of these fanatical Google Geeks who want, no, insist they rule the world and make all the decisions concerning the world as well. Google wants to be omniscient. Google wants to be you, so it can make all of your decisions for you. Holy crap on toast Batman! Some of the questions posed today at the Google I/O 2013 were beyond belief. When will these geeks get a brain?

Google Answering: talk to it, ask it anything, it will answer you like you are a friend. These features will be included in all desktops and laptops available through their Chrome OS laptops and desktops. It’s called conversational search. Just say Google, and then ask the question.
Google Now: is a reminder tool. Just set the reminder and it will remind you to buy that gallon of milk or call a friend. The Memo Cube from my favorite detective series comes to mind. The In Death series by J.D. Robb, a futuristic reminder in a memo cube that speaks to you. Maybe that’s where Google got the idea! Same thing, different app. Voice email is also on the schedule at Google. Pretty soon you will be talking to everyone at once in your office and no one will know what the hell you are talking about. Or, they could bring in the men to put you in a straightjacket for talking to yourself.
Google wants to direct you to your favorite restaurant, the cleaners, and the stores. It wants to notify you about traffic delays, train and flight schedules. It wants to make all of your decisions for you and will know what you want before you know it yourself. Now let’s hear all the ohhhs and ahhhhs over new toys/devices. Our need and now dependency on Google convenience is going to end up running our lives and making all of our decisions for us. Is this okay with you? 
Google Glass: I wouldn’t be caught dead in my bathroom with those things on.
Google Explore: it’s not about exploring the globe. Oh no, it’s about shopping! You can cruise your favorite department store inside using 360 degree views! The new Google Maps is built for -YOU. It features “Immersive Imagery”. Of course it will need to know your whereabouts at all times. Data mining and tracking will enable Google to give you all of these apps. Then turn around and sell all of this information to advertisers while Google makes a shitload of money and you end up with a few snazzy apps. Hope it’s worth it.
Google Earth in your browser shows you the Milky Way, the stars and cities on Earth from space called photospheres. Google has a new feature that boosts the hell out of normal pictures and you can tweek them to make them look better. They say that jpegs are a thing of the past and also html5 is here. The 3D photos are mined from data users!! What do you think this means? No wonder I can’t get that Google photo of me off Google search. Desktop preview is available now.
Google is also working on automated cars, they are touting it as a safety measure. No more accidents and total freedom. Freedom from what? Oh, so I can talk to Google about my job day and night. Oh joy! Google says it wants to get out of the way and become invisible. What this means is they want to become omniscient, omnipresent. The founder of Google once said he wants a computer chip in everyone’s head. I say what? Oh hell friggin no! These guys put a new twist on the label mad scientist.
They also value there friendship with Mozilla and lament about the struggle with Microsoft and pull a pity party because the web is not advancing far enough and fast enough for them. One question from the audience asked how Google can protect their freedom of speech. They said that Google has a strong desire for freedom of speech and talking with government leaders. They are working hard to protect our private information and they are being as transparent as they can about government requests. Really?
Someone had the balls to ask why do people want to keep their medical information private. “Why are people so focused on keeping their medical records private? It’s probably insurance. We should change the rules that insurers have to insure people.” The questions are posed as if Google already is a “God” and what can Google do to fix problems in this country. Seriously folks, can anyone say “Robber Baron” or antitrust yet?
But they do want more STEM graduates so they can zombify the next generation. That way those youngsters won’t care that Google has taken over their lives, influenced them and won’t be critical of Google. After all, Google is “God”, no one will give a rats ass about making their own choices because the next generation will be accepting of their intrusiveness. Accepting that what Google says is right, that Google knows what’s best for you.
“The idea of getting technology out of the way is a loose and fast way of saying we want to control more of your life, we just don’t want you thinking that we have that level of control and mediation while we exert it,” said Evan Selinger, an associate professor of philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology and fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology. “It’s like the perfect black box- I don’t need to think about it, I just hope for the best.” I love this guy!
Beware, this is coming soon to a device near you.

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