GOP: Governed On Profits/God (is made) Of Paper

First off, an apology.

I “misplaced” one of the articles I wanted to cite for this post which illuminated how the GOP was deliberately drafting & introducing bills they knew wouldn’t pass simply to generate an influx of cash from lobbyists and supporters.  Don’t know what happened to it, and now I can’t even find the blasted thing- thanks, Google- so if anyone’s familiar with the topic, please let me know; I’d greatly appreciate it.  Having said all that…

The Republican Party is determined to drag us all down.  And laugh all the way to the bank while doing it.

Even being a white, Christian male won’t save you from this onslaught.

Granted the two-party system this nation’s politics is based on sucks eggs to begin with.  For the basic reasons that it would weaken their power and expose their flaws, neither Democrats nor Republicans are remotely interested in a true form of democracy, where EVERYONE would have a voice in governance, regardless of party- be ye Democrat, Republican, Atheist, Socialist, Communist, Union, Liberal, Tea, etc.  Because that’s how it works; everyone gets a say.  Hell, in some respects even South Africa has a better system than we doAnd if you’re old enough you’ll remember how Lani Guinier got lambasted for advocating a more equitable system of representation

The underlying purpose of all this is, of course, money.  The gap between Haves and Have-Nots is widening by the moment and deliberately so.  Economic collapse is not brought about by plumbers, teachers, cashiers and bricklayers but by politicians and financial ‘experts’ who facilitate fiscal irresponsibility for their own benefit.  Granted we’re all on the outside looking in, but such a myopic vision of the financial future of this country is mind-boggling, especially when staring an inevitable collapse right in the face, and the blatant yet unspoken response is not to shore it up, but to grab as much as possible for themselves before it all falls down.  Every single decision they make is somehow tied into how much money can it generate… for them.

The idea that they’re not even trying to fix it is what’s really scary.  Is the outcome truly that inevitable or are they simply so entrenched in their philosophy that they refuse to change?  Highlighting the latter is a recent House vote to block an increase in minimum wage

Even loyal Republicans are lamenting the state of their party.  As always, change must come from within an organization or group, and when it’s met with such dogged, determined resistance it can only be to protect the power structure, functional or no.

Back in the sixties, the Republican Party seized upon the Southern Strategy: a scheme to create a new power base by embracing the policy of protecting white, middle-class society from disenfranchisement by minorities- and you’ll notice how well that’s worked out.  Nowadays, though they’ll still pay lip service to it they don’t even give a shit about that anymore.  It’s all about the Benjamins- not the Lincolns, Hamiltons, Jacksons or even Grants. 

Money.  A simple, abstract concept designed to help facilitate trade.  By establishing a common value system goods and services could be appraised, negotiated and standardized.  Its inevitable segue into a means of power and influence is when everything changed.  Even then, the true problem lies in the slavish devotion to it at the expense of all else, including common sense (I know, I know).  And until that changes, we’re all going to Hell in a financial statement. 

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