ACCESS DENIED: Censorship and the New Google Patent- Google Will Be Peeking While You Type

Google has filed a patent for software that can identify phrases in an electronic document that uses textual phrasing to correct problematic phrases. What you type will be read and disseminated by the software before you send it, which then will notify you- that what you are typing is basically a no-no. This is how the patent reads:

Policy Violation Checker

Methods and systems for identifying problematic phrases in an electronic document, such as an e-mail, are disclosed. A context of an electronic document may be detected. A textual phrase entered by a user is captured. The textual phrase is compared against a database of phrases previously identified as being problematic phrases. If the textual phrase matches a phrase in the database, the user is alerted via an in-line notification, based on the detected context of the electronic document.

This software, according to the patent, would have the ability to prevent problematic company violations beforehand. “Present policy violations, have legal implications, or are otherwise troublesome to a company, business, or individual,” according to the patent filing. Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, said in an interview, that if there’s scandalous information out there about you, it’s your problem, not Google’s. His attitude sounds as if he is trying to emulate Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”.
Well, what nerve! If I was told from the get-go I would never have married that troublesome guy back in the eighties and partied like it was 1999.
The European Union has a much stricter idea of privacy then the U.S. does. France says Google’s privacy plan likely violates European Law.
This patent has the potential to be very problematic and rife for abuse, not just by companies or even by small businesses, but by governments and government agencies. There are too many trusting individuals out there that rely on agencies to do there jobs, but who fail miserably at it now much less in the future. Where this application has the ability to smother all abuses from becoming public, whistle-blowers will be a thing of the past.
These applications would be referred to as inter-business-correspondence, some companies have learned the hard way not to hold onto emails past 1 year, some do not keep them past 90 days. A lawsuit or a government agency can and will ask for all company emails. Well, if you don’t have any, or if you have them corrected through this software in the first place, then when the subpoena arrives you are free and clear. It will also notify third parties as to what you are writing, such as the legal department within your company. No pressure! Some companies have adapted this type of software within their communications already. They have learned the hard way when being called to court.
What if this could be applied to anything or everything on the internet? This would be considered the ultimate in censorship. Just think of the possibilities. You would not be able to tell your mother-in-law off as the software would give you the politically correct version and would refuse to send the email off till you were properly notified and smacked in the head. Everything on your tv screen would be nothing but happy clouds, hearts, flowers and smiley faces. The same for any inter-office emails as well. The artificial intelligence that will reside in your screen on the wall, watching your every move would suggest the more correctly worded way to send an email to that colleague that you can’t stand to eat lunch with.
This will also allow governments to censor their country’s internet. If you integrate this software on a smartphone to a television, oppressive autocratic governments could be empowered to see anything their citizens write, from Word documents, emails, drafts of blog posts, to digital journals and to view it before you hit the send tab. 
Okay, you might have guessed by now I have privacy issues with tissues. It started when my mother found my diary and read every single word! Then there is the issue with my algebra teacher Ms. Conway. How humiliating for me when she found what we called a slam book and read it aloud to the entire class. A slam book was a ringed notebook with one question on each page. Everyone had to write an answer under each question and this got passed around through the classroom. I gather, if memory serves, that some of the questions might have had a saucy content! My mother was not a happy camper. My bad.
So, will we be back to meeting in person, giving perhaps a wink and a nod? No emails, no texts, no phone calls either. Maybe the best idea would be to give a boost to the bottom line of the U.S. Post Office. Everyone knows they need the money and it would save jobs. But then again, I have heard from friends that even the mail is not safe from prying custom agents hands. No doubt they were smelling those chocolate chip cookies. Next time I will allow for that and add extra with a sticky note.
Do I mind a random search at the airport? Absolutely not and do it with a smile on my face. It means I’m safer and I’m all for that. If I had to give up my privacy with this software adapted to everything internet, they had better grab ALL the bomb makers and ALL the pedophiles out there or they will be hearing from me. You can take that to the bank. And while you’re there, throw in the nut bags with the assault rifles for the bonus plan.
I originally wrote this article Monday May 6th but a few cheeky monkey’s took out the internet for 24 hours on Tuesday.
UPDATE: May 7th

Google spokesman Matt Kallman wrote in an email that even if Google’s patent application is approved, the technology might not make its way to market.
“We file patent applications on a variety of ideas that our employees come up with,” Kallman said. “Some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don’t. Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patent applications.”

Oh I am so sure! Whatever. Here is an article in the Los Angeles Times on Google tracking and why I do not believe a word they say.

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