Reporting inappropriate content to Google.

For information on how to report inappropriate content regarding Google services, please see this link, a starting point for YouTube, Google+ and Blogger.

To specifically report content on blogs hosted at Blogger, please see this link.

If you believe that you’ve found a blog at Blogger that violates our Terms of Service, select the abuse type below to access the relevant contact form.

The choices are:

Legal issues
Hate speech, violent or crude content
Spam, phishing, or malware
Posting of private information

This person chose “Hate speech, violent or crude content” because he was reporting violent content in the included link, and the simple two-step process is seen below.

Add the link to the page you’re reporting and click the blue SUBMIT button.
  This page shows the report has been submitted.

Regarding DMCA issues, Blogger’s copyright policies and report guide can be found here.

To contact Police Departments, Sheriffs’ Offices, Officers, and Other Law Enforcement Agencies please see the information, given by state, see this link, or call your local police department who will take the information and contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

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