STGRB: Consistent in Their Failure… But At What Price?

The sense of entitlement and privilege permeating this country nowadays is horrific.  Even more so is the lengths people will go to when these senses are shocked and dulled.  It must truly be terrible to have clung so tightly to an idea or a concept, to have the foundations of your self-worth so tightly interwoven with it that you’d resort to threatening someone’s livelihood and safety for exposing its fallacies.

The subject of Doc-dropping/Doxxing has been fully explored time and again on this site and elsewhere.  There is no justification for it other than inflicting harm.  There is no reason for it other than pure malice. 
STGRB once again took the sewer route and posted personal information about someone they’ve targeted on their website.  (Links to whole post screen shot, here is the direct link is

Even after claiming they’d never do such things- after backpedaling from having done so right off the bat- they’re back in the saddle again, posting a partial lift from an email sent to this person’s employer (in which she’s labeled as a sociopath), behind the excuse that they weren’t the ones who sent the original notice.  Perhaps not, but why would you share such information if not to do this?  They couldn’t even be bothered to obfuscate all the pertinent data; it wouldn’t be of any value to them if they did.  No point in attempting to ridicule and intimidate someone if no one knows who you’re talking about.

STGRB’s claims that a Rosa Lee Bennon, who’s supposed to represent some still-unnamed anti-bullying groups, sent the letter off are completely hollow.  Let’s start with who are these groups and who contacted this Rosa to complain in the first place?  What evidence did they provide her with?  What due diligence was performed? 
But what really ground their gears was the fact that the attempt was met with such disdain.  In politely couched formal terms, Anna K’s employer told STGRB to screw off and not to bother them without real proof of wrongdoing which didn’t include meanie-pants reviews and forum snark. Not to be outdone, their response consisted of openly wondering if the employer wasn’t somehow affiliated with Amazon/GoodReads simply because they made mention of their merger… not that that it wasn’t an international story or anything.
What’s truly damning is the in the comments section, when challenged Carroll Bryant admits Anna K’s done much of nothing to them and openly asks for someone, anyone to send him proof of her evil.  Well, if she’d clocked such a history of transgressions, wouldn’t he have it already?  Wouldn’t anyone?
To digress for a moment, it must be pointed out and always kept in mind that people are performing these actions.  Our neighbors, co-workers, girls we meet at the bar, guys we know from the gym- the people we see everyday are the ones doing this.  Who made the decision to sell ‘pink slime’ to public schools across the country?  Who makes the decision to genetically modify foodstuffs and conspire not to inform the public which products contain them?  Men and women- the majority of whom are undoubtedly parents themselves.  Except that they’re so far removed from the ones who have to consume it, the ones who are left to deal with the results of these actions, it simply becomes an abstract argument if not simply an afterthought (The poor have no food? Let them eat cake!).  Trade must flow, commerce must flourish- consequences be damned.   Need that holiday bonus to take their own kids to Disneyland while yours are at the doctor’s office.
And that’s the point.  To these people- Douthit, Brimson, Dismuke, Bryant, etc- this is like a cosplay of errors, dueling to redeem their honor despite their own best efforts to keep it tarnished.  Any slight, real or imagined, regardless if it results from their own bullshit, must be avenged.  The miscreants must be made to capitulate or be expunged from the annals of the internet.  They often try to argue the point I just made- bullies are so far removed from their actions that they don’t fathom the consequences.  Except it doesn’t work- deciding not to buy something is a damn sight from contacting someone’s employer trying to get them fired.  And failing to see the difference says more about this than anyone ever could.
There’s also the school of thought that all of this falls into the ‘no publicity is bad publicity’ camp.  The perpetrators know it’s all crap but hey- it’ll stir up interest and generate hits on the website.  As an author you’ll hope it translates into sales from curiosity seekers and whatnot.  Dougie Brimson is a prime example of this: when I first encountered him in an Amazon thread he was testing the US waters for marketing his books.  Fair enough, and see how congenial the conversation was back in June 2012.  A month later, he’s all over the place trying to stir up shit about bullies while claiming he’s researching a screenplay and needs information, blahblahblah.  Any way you slice it, these self-styled jihads over little more than failing to worship the brilliance of them and their ilk is a real concern here.  Because it’ll never stop.  There will always be a new target.
Back to Amazon for a moment, in the thread BBA Redux (Take 3) you can see Brimson in his own lack of words struggling to answer about the utter absence of proof for this farce.
And finally- yeah, I did notice that I was named in the first screenshot.  You’ll note that not only is the imaging of it different from the ‘reply’ to it, the reply is dated June 2012 and there’s no date stamp on the initial screenshot.  It also mentions me as “…having several accounts (either shill or friends/fans) which negatively review competing authors…”  First- I don’t have multiple accounts on any site.  Second- either they’re my accounts or they’re not; if they’re mine they can’t belong to my endless minions- it can’t be both.  Third- I’m not an author, so I’m not competing with anyone.  Fourth- I don’t comment on books I’ve never read other than to say whether or not I’d read them, if I even bother with that.  If it’s due to a case of Author Behaving Badly, I’ll say so, and that’s that.  Nothing like yet another clumsy cut-n-paste job to show everyone you ain’t shit.  Yes, it does constitute libel, but it’s so ridiculous the only reason I’ll bring it up here is for emphasis.  But it does give me a good idea of who might’ve sent it, so thanks for that!

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