In Way Too Deep

OK, look- we all know STGRB is struggling to stay afloat, so to speak.  In their never-ending quest to remain remotely relevant and with little else to occupy their time they’ve already resorted to chewing old soup- reposting blogs about incidents and occurrences from many months ago.  One would think they’d simply set up an archive and let their ‘members’ browse at leisure.  Especially on the heels of a reboot, you’d need to constantly be taking new ground, facing new challenges- and all that other good trash they promised. 

Each and every sockpuppet on STGRB should buy Jeff Bezos dinner.  If not for the bombshell he dropped this week about acquiring Goodreads, we’d all be treated to yet another rash of rehash and gaggle of recycle from them (still got it, btw, just not so much).
Just before they began dancing in the streets about Amazon’s market stranglehold, there was a brief blurb titled Bully Attacks This Week– which I’m guessing refers to an aggregate amount of incidents and not a generically vague singular event from an unknown individual as the title implies.
Scrolling through the wall of words, half-truths and tall tales in the post you’ll come across an interesting item.  Of all the personas accused of attacking the book, one- Misfit- didn’t do so.  As you’ll see in the screenshot from Misfit’s response, they never read it. Yep, these fools actually took the trouble to falsify evidence against someone.   One could well say that they’d BULLIED Misfit for their own nefarious purposes.  What on earth has this poor, defenseless book reader done to warrant such malice?  Only God and STGRB know, and neither one is saying.  It’s not as if they didn’t already have plenty of people to reference for their post, so why take the trouble to defame and libel Misfit?- yes, I did say ‘Libel’, because that’s what happened here. 
Since Misfit never shelved the book in question, this constitutes “a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression”, and is “a statement or representationpublished without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)”.  Guess it’s been too long since STGRB felt the sting of a DMCA slap in the teeth.  Least that’s what I’d do were I in Misfit’s place- it’d be fun to see how they’d try to spin that one. 
But this is what comes from having lots of nothing to say.  Douthit, et al, are so vested, so entrenched, so tied up in this endeavor that they can’t separate themselves from it even if they wanted to.  They’ve come too far and risked too much to back out now.  And inevitably, once you’ve reached a point of no return like this, it never ends well.  And that’s gonna be a shame.

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