Bryant STILL doesn’t put out.

Yeah, he did it again. He made big claims that he has evidence. Evidence he’s based wild, ranting posts on. Evidence he’s made a lot of loud accusations and unfounded allegations about. Evidence that isn’t, and we’re all supposed to just believe him. But, when you call his bluff, he won’t post any evidence. Why? Because he doesn’t have any. When pressed for it, he insists “Later”, “I‘ll save it for the newspapers” or “I’ll save it for court” which he insisted several times he cannot afford.

But I digress…

Back on Monday 25 February, Melissa Douhit as her alter ego Athena Parker’s alter ago Johnny Be Good, posted an article Amazon Reviews As Attack Weapons (whole post screen shot here) which ended up being all about me somehow (has Bryant infected you?) using our intellectual property in the form of screen shots from our blog (be careful, there could be another DMCA in your future and then you’ll have to move to a new host in the middle of the night again so I don’t get more damning information because ya know I‘ll post the screen shots so it’s good time to gut your blog again and remove everything, just like the last time I forced you to do it) and then Bryant chose to drop this little comment gem.

Click to enlarge. 

I knew she would give herself away sooner or later. Ever since her husband emailed me, I checked the ISP and compared it to the emails that GenX sent me and they matched! So I knew they used the same computer. The difficult part was to get other evidence and her blog (Something about hippies and oh my, books) and (which has since been taken down) was another give away to her identity. I am covering it on the Looking Glass on March 1st on the post titled “Amanda Welling”.

Click to enlarge.

After I finished laughing – quite a feat as everyone here would laugh about how desperate an attempt this was and it would start me laughing all over again – I responded with Somnambulation, where I snarkily explain TeamFail’s stupid to them slowly so they, too, could follow along and perhaps understand that, by making posts on their own sites about this, they are letting everyone know Douthit committed PayPal fraud. By the way, you just can’t thank TeamFail enough for their cooperation in ruining the tatters of their own reputations. Honestly, it’s priceless.

Click to enlarge.

In Somnambulation I called Bryant’s bluff and I told him directly to post his evidence proving my supposed identity publicly for everyone to see. (That’s called “burden of proof”. You make the claim, someone demands proof and you must supply it or lose your argument.) His response? “I’ll save it for court” (whole post screen shot, see comments) with – you guessed it – no evidence whatsoever for any of his claims.

He not only lost this battle, he’s losing the war at a dramatically fast rate. See me in court, Bryant? Meet ya there and, unlike you, I can afford it. So, where’s that manufactured evidence proving I’m someone I’m not again? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t exist but this blog is filled with evidence about you and your cohort Douthit, and that’s only what you can see. It’s always what you don’t know that hurts the worst.

That’s right, boy got nothin’, it’s a lie and he knows it. It’s just a bluff, a drum he likes to bang in an attempt to deflect from the real issues but that’s folded in on him like a falling flan in a slammed cupboard. He looks like an idiot for his “I got evidence!” followed by “and I’m not posting it!” reflex, completely undermining any credibility he might have had.

Well, I did warn him. In fact, I warned MelCarz about this kind of behaviour many times before. Actually, it’s how I met them. I advised them to work with evidence and to take their gripes to the proper authorities instead of making drama and hate posts. They not only continued to make hate posts but they escalated, creating multiple sock accounts and even multiple blogs to do it from.

It’s simple. When you say you got evidence, post it or shut up. Jumping to conclusions, wild allegations and unfounded accusations are not facts or evidence, it’s yellow journalism at best and gossip and lies at its worst. It proves to people you’re just playing them and they cease to believe anything you say. But MelCarz didn’t listen to me and look what’s happened – they’re sinking to new lows, killing their dying reputations, becoming the butt of every joke and, with various legal actions poised, I’d venture to say they’re still  under investigation as I type this.

No, Bryant still doesn’t put out, neither does Douthit, and it doesn’t work anymore. Supposition is not a replacement for facts and hysteria is not a substitute for evidence. Their ability to debate is to argument what a bicycle is to a fish – useless – but isn’t it good to know that when you want the facts that you can always visit GenXposé?

Yeah, it is, and the world still spins nicely on its tilted axis, too. 

One thought on “Bryant STILL doesn’t put out.

  1. I did not expect him to provide the evidence he claimed he had. He would have to invent it for it to exist and he's not that clever. He decided to bluff anyway. You called him on it and, yet again, he failed to provide. Which, by the way, is more proof that he talks out his ass, a talent that may provide opportunities for a side show career if he can do it without moving his lips.

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